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Friday, 26 November 2010

How History Repeats Itself!

Remember Last Time?

As this historic headline was launched, yesterday, I was minded to think of a big exodus from Europe in the past. Then I am struck by the similarities. The French are handing over Paris and sovereignty to The Germans whilst smirking at the rush to "get out of Europe" by the Brits. Furthermore I cannot shake the feeling that the disdain felt in high places throughout that NWO, for The British, still exists today. As then as now, The Americans were siding with Europe and one has to wonder which way they might have gone if The Japanese hadn't attacked Pearl harbour a little while on. What "Get out of Europe" am I on about? If you haven't guessed here's a clue!

I suggest we are under as much of a threat but in a different guise, as we were then. Shackled by EU legislation and "human rights" biased towards the feckless, the rotten and the criminal and hurtful to the natural justice owed to victims and the majority. There are many other examples of our enslavement which was so well resisted in the past.


  1. Let's get out of Europe. That way when things go wrong (if they go wrong of course, which under the steady and experienced hand of Dave is highly unlikely), then we will be able to blame the government, and hopefully have them horse whipped.

    But please, can Scotland have independence first ? :¬)))

  2. Independence or an EU state,Tris?

  3. I listened to an interview last night with Alex Salmond.

    Post-independence he will need the EU. In fact, Scotland could not cope without membership.

    So my question is: Scotland would be independent from who or what?

    Leaving the Union and falling into the arms of the EU would be an act of deliberate stupidity.


  4. "Leaving the Union and falling into the arms of the EU would be an act of deliberate stupidity"
    Or Irish?

  5. Is there any chance getting out of the EU could be the wrong move to make?
    At the rate od decline now apparent in that institution we may all yet see a catastrophic implosion which would wipe out the political classses root and branch. If we leave they will forever harp on about how they'saved'us and remain firmly in control over us.
    Just a thought!

  6. Nomine, a nice idea but like death and taxes I guess the bastards are always with us!

  7. Alex Salmond and the SNP would maintain and defend Scotland's independence for as long as it takes to find a pen to sign us over lock, stock and barrel to the EU. He has made no secret of his intentions. A few years ago he used to hold up Ireland and the Celtic Tiger economy as an example of his aspiration for Scotland.

    Salmond is a delusional, egotistical, dangerous, traitorous twat.

    Let me know if the above is ambiguous and I will clarify my position.

  8. Well said Old Rightie, ~I was all for the idea of nations cooperating in a free trade arrangement but all this one nation stuff was bound to end in tears.

  9. Independence. I've always said Scotland doesn't need the EU, although it probably needs to be in EFTA.

  10. Out of Europe now. We'd be just fine. A bit like the Swiss or the other lot who aren't in it - Norway.

    Give the scotch their independence - let them drink their oil, they're a pain in the arse and a drain on England, anyway.