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Monday, 22 November 2010

Cowardice Reigns?

The NWO Pressure Works.

SEUD, NWO President?

The Chancellor has confirmed he is looking at postponing a transparency drive on City bonuses over £1m.

When faced with a moral dilemma it is natural to respond with a degree of self-preservation. However this luxury is often denied to populations ignorant of the self-interest of a dominant and selfish clique. The financial and political worlds are now  entwined in a global "too big to fail" cartel. Morality, common sense and biting bullets are never on the G(gross)20 deliberations.
Now when the world was an apparently easier place for this evil empire's dominance the morality was unquestioned. As it was in The UK under Labour and throughout the NWO construct that is the EU failed experiment. The left often blame the "greed is good" syndrome on Saint Maggie's time in office. Yet that was run for one economy, one nation and not expected to be a one size fits all operation. It worked even if painful. Whilst relating to a relatively  small population, morality can be left open for discussion. The grip of globally dominant corporations, banks and the obscene purchase of the political system, as in the unelected EU Commission, gets ever tighter. Even the inherently decent, like George Osborne, are forced to turn their backs on their own decency and surrender meekly any moral high ground. As we see today with the bankers' bonus scrutiny issue above.
Isolationism is regarded as obscenity and protectionism likewise an impossible stance. Well, tell that to the Chinese. China wants a world order dominated by themselves. As the Rothschild headed NWO push their rapidly declining paper money round in circles, the Chinese and indeed the Russians are hoarding precious metals, raw materials and long term oil supplies. All purchased out of surpluses and savings, not DEBT! That is old fashioned morality! Wars are fought with economic weapons, wielded by invisible armies, these days. The wounds are longer lasting and festering. Just ask the Irish this time next year.


  1. It's amazing, OR, it was only September when Osborne said he was adamant about standing his ground on this one! Not only that but... I think they'll be lowering the 0.04% pa tax levy on the banks due to come in next Jan. They've now calculated it will raise closer to £3.5bn than their stated tax-take of £2.5bn and don't want to be 'mean' to the banks. Topsy-turvy or what?

  2. It's estimated that the Sovereign Wealth Fund of middle eastern oil countries will exceed all of the other wealth in the world at $14trllion dollars. They might buy useless weapons from the US but they also buy up good long term investments. Did you know that Chicago can't close a street for a parade without paying the Qataris hundreds of thousands of dollars ?
    Why ?
    Because all 33,000 Chicago parking meters are owned by the Qataris and the UAE. For the next 75 years. Estimated revenue is $5Bn and it cost them $1Bn.

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  4. GV, so very sad. George, it's very scary but don't forget Arab oil was bought into by the NWO via two world wars.