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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Comprehensive failure.

A Good Reason For Our Social Decline.

Consider the words below.

"In 2007 Blair declared an end to the failed  35-year experiment of comprehensive education.
In an extraordinary about-turn for Labour - he conceded that academic excellence had too often come second to the desire for social equality in the classroom.He promised a revolution in secondary schools to put the needs of individual pupils first and made selection a central element of his reforms, overturning a fundamental principle of his party's education policies for 50 years.He pledged to turn nearly half of schools into specialist colleges, free to choose ten per cent of pupils by 'aptitude'."

Oldrightie is of an age where he is moving into the "to be dismissed" column of modern life. Any knowledge or experience gained in a fairly interesting career in aviation and an in depth understanding of poverty and the drive to escape it, is all of nought. My generation, at my socio-economic level missed out on the more sophisticated hedonism granted the better off and often university students. We were too busy working. Many of the those spoilt kids worked hard, played harder but became the early sexual freedom casualties. Victims, not beneficiaries, of their new found but undisciplined life styles. They in turn spawned neglected kids, huge increases in divorce and single parent families. All of which was to be aped by those least able to cope thus falling into the ever expanding abyss of an underclass. All this time education was forced into a politically created straight jacket of ordinariness and failed experimental, social engineering that was and remains called comprehensive education. The results of this failure are plain to see. Add to the mix mass immigration, overburdened public services and lack of decent housing, jobs and above all else hope and you arrive at the state we are in today. All this time we witnessed a steady increase in career politicians and a corresponding decrease in a ruling class with any real understanding of people, society and dare I say, togetherness. I cannot see or perceive of any way this can ever be altered other than catastrophic events too big for the powers that be to buy off or withstand from their ivory towers. Well there is one way. Let quality automatically be allowed to flourish whilst finding the holy grail of how to find excellence amongst the least fortunate. During this period it must also be determined what is to be done for the least able. Manual labour and the pride it engendered was once a way. Surely it cannot be beyond the wit of man to find an alternative life style for the  wastrels and yobs that dominate our streets and towns? Discipline via military conscription which included skills training and personal development was successful once. Ex national servicemen still get together, have web sites and bask in a warm sense of belonging and responsibility towards others. Is that a bad thing? Could it work again? Why not?


  1. I too think that it's gone past the point of no return - short of a complete breakdown of society, and the civil unrest that would result.

    Military conscription is often suggested as the answer, but always rejected by the military themselves. They have more than enough on their plate as it is, without trying to "educate" a bunch of unwilling yobs. They know their "Rights", so any attempt to impose an alternative existence would just end up mired in expensive legal battles. The only use they might have in battle is for target practice....

  2. "The only use they might have in battle is for target practice...."

    Works for me, MD!

  3. Oh OR, don't get me started on comprehensive schools and of course the introduction of NVQs.

    I could bore you for England.

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  5. Subrosa, fire away!! Stacy, Mrs OR's updated garden pics due soon.

  6. I could send pictures of my Commonwealth stamp collection, would they do Stacy?

    Conscription; detested, avoided, scorned, and abused. Skills learned need deployment afterwards, and infantry are taught primarily how to kill. Are the re-unions not of those who saw combat together, the ultimate test of camaraderie and bonding? Against which must be set the instance of mental breakdown, violence and suicide as a result from distant campaigns unrecognised as being of worth back home.

    Our society and industry has been sold down the river. Many factors have aided this, but none less than a long term plan to bring nations to an all time low in an enthnic soup with its inter-racial/religious factions destroying communities and making them prey to a one world governance and under martial law as dissolution and revolution create bloodshed and death.

    The point of camaraderie is not the sole reserve of the armed forces either. Many industries had just that when teamwork was required to complete a task. Whether crewing a bus or building a ship, working a mine or in manufacturing, the job - even the work-place - created a bond. The only bond that now seems to be prominent is that of people fed up to the teeth of mis-governance and the fraudulent shambles we are now in. The young see no future in work, it is transient and temporary. They get pissed or drugged and smash things up. PHD's are stacking shelves and in debt.

    Something has to change, and it will need to outsrip anything climate will offer. I think if we knew what it was we'd pack a bag and be gone, or maybe die in the fight for survival.

  7. Make no mistake about it - the Muslims will dominate this country within 100 years.

    Why do I think that?

    They have a faith, they are loyal to that faith, however repulsive we might find it, and it is the basis of their lives. They are first and foremost Muslims, then members of a family, then men and women.

    Again, like this or not, their faith instils discipline in the majority of them.

    This discipline makes them have a terrific work ethic, which again comes from their faith.

    The feckless, feral shitheads who lounge on their sofas, drinking cans of Stella and smoking fags that you and I have paid for have neither faith, nor discipline. Successive governments have seen to that. "We don't do God", etc.

    I'm just grateful that my parents, poor as they were, gave me a grounding in a faith - not a religion, a faith - that has stood me in good stead for almost 60 years. A code by which to live, a code of aspiration if you like. None of us is perfect, and noone can live the perfect life, but I believe that faith and discipline are two pillars which are lost to our children today.

    That's why the Muzzies will rule.

  8. Is that faith, or fear?

    I would put personal faith and self discipline above any collective that would make me subservient to any grand retribution from 'above'.

    Has not every war engaged in been committed with the blessings of a grand 'Faith' - often the same on opposing sides?

    As the Muslims seek their supreme martyrdom with their destined appointment with their God, there are many who will willingly help them keep that appointment. All in the name of faith.

  9. @Derek

    I think that religion is based on fear.

    I think that God (Supreme Being, Higher Power, Nature - call it what you will) is great. Man-made, organised religion is able to flourish because of fear, and I have no time for it.

    That doesn't stop a person having faith.

    Agreed about people helping the Muslims to keep their appointment with God - our military personnel are very good at that.