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Friday, 12 November 2010

Bravery, Honesty, Decency And No leftie In Sight.

Nobility In All Its Glory.

Aung San Suu Kyi

I have always been fascinated at how my political heroes are always heroines! Whilst that little Belgian jerktwerp,  Rumpledup, basks in his unelected dictator in waiting role, this wonderful woman serenely mocks all of his ilk with her unbending and noble quietness against oppression. Do not be mistaken, The EU is no better than the Military Junta in Burma. Their obedient troops are already in training in Turkey, to quell any upstarts in the states that once were nations.
Whilst here, in the soon to be renamed Muslim capital of The EUSSR, our MPs squabble as to who gets to keep the biggest perks.  Don't worry, chaps, any bad Europeans will be forced into house arrest before too long!
By the way, It seems the German volk are to bail out Ireland, now.  How's that going to work, Fritz? You'll need lots of dosh, Portugal and Spain are in the queue to flog their nationhood for pieces of silver/ old Deutsch marks and the Greeks have kebabed their last tranche of your cash.


  1. I'd take tea with this Lady any day, OR!

  2. To my lasting shame, OR, I confess that I knew very little of this extraordinary lady. I have spent a little time rectifying my previous state of ignorance (slightly) and sit back in awe. If just one of our political pygmies had a tenth of this lady's strength of character we would be blessed indeed.

    One thing she said has a particular resonance for us today - in light of your remarks about M. Rumpelstiltskin and his arse-licking stooges currently infesting the HoP...

    She believes fear spurs many world leaders to lose sight of their purpose. "Government leaders are amazing", she once said. "So often it seems they are the last to know what the people want."

  3. "So often it seems they are the last to know what the people want."
    Indeed, Caratacus, because they are to busy claiming for what they want!

  4. Aung San (Aung San Suu Kyi's father)was a Burmese nationalist who followed Marxist philosophy and modeled the nationalist movement on the Irish Republican Army. A founder member of the Burmese Communist Party arrived in Japan in 1940 where he was trained by the Japanese in the newly formed Burma Independence Army. They assisted the Japanese on their invasion of Burma in 1941/2 for which he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun. In January 1946, Aung San became the President of the AFPFL and was murdered by U Saw in 1947.

  5. Your point being, anon? Sins of the father? The overthrow of any unelected regime can really justify the means, although the Japanese alliance was a step too far. Why this should affect this wonderful patriot I fail to understand. The EU analogy holds even firmer, however!

  6. I have no great point except in the scale of that countries history nothing will change whoever gains power. There are distinct ethnic groups who will always resist and try to dominate each other (the Balkans of Asia). BTW she has now been released.

  7. Anon, thank you for your reply. History shows us the futiliy that evolves from enforced mixing of tribes! From Biblical times to today. We just never learn as the EU despots go down the very same route to strife.

  8. "History shows us the futility that evolves from enforced mixing of tribes!"

    Tell that to the political lunatics who are busy with their social engineering. Better still, visit east London and see for yourself.