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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Bloody Fotball!

FIFA Stands For?

I didn't see the Panorama programme last evening. However the manner in which Blatter and his money laundering cartel have poured their corruption into every corner of what was once a cracking sport, disgusts me beyond measure. That this bunch of Mafia groomed gangsters have ensured that every inch of the Planet is infested with their greed and stench ridden morality, is a beacon to all politicians, despots, crooks and their puppet master Bilderbergers. Look very closely and you will see a perfect model on which The EU edifice operates. Criticism is swatted away with the air of if you don't toe the line we have ways of making you suffer. Ask the Irish, or should I say those who used to be Irish. For sure, any pretence at morality and outward decency no longer matters. As The West and the Bilderberger failed economy of the World enters inexorably its death throes, we can but wonder where it will all end. So far not good for us poor "little people" but one day the powerful will need us again. Lets hope we don't let them have a morsel without begging as they beggar us! FC Manchester in the cup final in 2025 would be good. All amateur players on £500 quid a week and happy.

This could be any Mafioso Don aka minor Bilderberger. As it is it's Sepp(tic) Blatter. Richer than all the overpaid bladder kickers put together. I wonder how much every over priced stadium ticket generates for the piggy? 20% probably.


  1. If Coca Cola want run and pay for a major football competition then OK. I can choose whether to buy the stuff or not. What I do not like is all the taxpayer money and political support being lavished on an essentially corrupt enterprise.