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Monday, 8 November 2010

Bloggers Unite................

 Against The bastards!


Here is a picture of a previous European leader and his mistress, during their good times. Times when a ruling elite used more brutal and obvious force than the psychological  brain washing of today's despots and warmongers. However the devastation of 9/11, the wreckage of Iraq, the futile, Quixote killing and slaughter in Afghanistan, coupled with the obscenity of the wreckers of Western culture and wealth of the politicos' banker pals, makes me wonder if the after pictures of these two above might be justifiably repeated in the future. Or, in the pathetic yuck speak of today, "going forward".
There is so much happening in our Western enclaves that is horrendous, yet nothing stirs. The more that anger remains unassuaged and the modern "Mussolinis" and their entourages such as our majority Parliamentarian lickspittles and EU counterparts ignore the rage they so far quell, the worse the explosion will be when, not if, it comes. We have, so far, our computers and our blogs. Under no circumstances would I seek violence but I am convinced that at a certain level, the frustration and misery will sweep away the current political class in as dramatic a fashion as the French and  Russian revolutions brought about. The saddest thing is the number of innocents that, as ever, have to bear the brunt of the violence. A violence fuelled by the excesses of an elite utterly blind to the depravities of the masses who, in attempting to ape their apparent peers, become more obviously the monsters that lie hidden behind the polite veneers of the privileged. Keep blogging and metaphorically bring them to account as were these pair!



  1. Agree entirely OR, but I think it will kick off in another country/region of the EU rather than here. Arent the latino's and Eastern Europeans a little bit more explosive than we strictly x-factor drones?.

  2. I suspect you are right, ArtCO. of course France and Greece have had a spat at their masters!

  3. Hope you don't mind me reproducing this post on my blog, OR...

  4. Excellent post OR - as always. Dare I say it, the English have always rebelled against injustices: Hereward The Wake, Robin Hood, Magna Carter, Peasants Revolt, Jake Cades rebellion - you get the idea, if we were to rebel it would be as our fathers did before. In fact, rebellion to the English is as traditional as beer drinking and melancholy...One only needs a spark - for me it was baby peter. Others will have their own - it will happen OR.

  5. That photo of Mussolini and his tart should be sent to all MPs and MEPs, might teach them a lesson.