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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Belief Again Beggared.

How Badly Career Politiciians Serve Us All.

"The West can only contain not defeat militant groups such as al-Qaeda, the head of the UK's armed forces has said."
Yet we prescribe to the ECHR and are forced to allow extremism from one side to flourish whilst punishing those such as the EDL. Hardly an environment for containment. "But the (ECHR) court stressed that each case must be assessed individually, and that mere membership in a terrorist group doesn't automatically disqualify the member from becoming a refugee."

My poll, instigated by a trip to London in October, overwhelmingly supports the view of the hell that London has become. Brum has immigrant populations spitting at service cadets and threatening them. A poppy is burnt during our remembrance day silence and Muslim militancy holds sway in our over crowded, busted land. Tell me, how is our presence in that medieval land that is Afghanistan help stop the presence and actions of these people here. If only we had a Government, indeed an opposition, too, for whom service, justice and common sense prevailed over ego, ambition and hubris. All very sad and so evidentially the decline of Western culture, as throughout history, failing as greed and selfishness holds sway.

Be careful out there!!!


  1. All very NWO, out there OR. London is the Globalist/Marxist template of a city filled ever increasingly with people who have no allegiance to it or to this country. A lot of them even despise this country and are extremely useful in this little divide and conquer exercise to destroy the nation state.

    Interestingly, on an NWO tip, Afghanistan and Iraq were the most recent countries to have the Rothschilds take over their central banking systems. Iran and North Korea being two of the remaining five nations who don't have Rothschild-controlled banking. And they're being demonised in the media now, as if to rachet up support for further wars. And we know at least one of them is coming...

  2. We need to deport people that don't behave. By allowing them to stay in the country, our freedoms are being curtailed.

    First we have to leave those mechanisms like the EU and the ECHR to regain control of our legal system, then we get shot of people who obviously are terribly unhappy to live in our country.

  3. I hardly think that your post shows 'how', merely examples that you see of the supposed decline of Western culture due to the self-interest of politicians.
    Still you make at least one decent point - it is the Thatcherite idea that incentive and self-interest are good driving force for politics that leads to decline. I wouldn't claim that the destruction of the nation state is a poor thing, though, as all too often the idea of the nation state is an excuse for greed and selfishness. Rather, political discourse needs to enter a public sphere and see the removal of a 'political class.' The idea of a career politician has resulted in the idea of an elite and 'qualified' class that excludes the people from politics.
    And by all rights it should be the Polish burning poppies.

  4. Sue - if I weren't already happily married, I would offer my hand immediately!

  5. It was good to see the Festival of Remembrance from the Royal Albert Hall.

    Isn't it ironic that the politicians who continue to send our brave service personnel to be killed and injured in an unwinnable war should (dis)grace the proceedings with their presence?

    My MP was absent from our local Remembrance Day service. What joy.

  6. I support those who have died, it matters not on which side. For from all I can see they all have been manipulated to kill or be killed in the name of profit and control. They were my family all of them those that sent them to war are not and can never be family. To denigrate the memories of those who have died is crass and insulting and those who do such acts are less than human , for they are truly part of the manipulated and forever will be!
    Remember the dead and affirm in your heart that no more will die on the alter of greed!

  7. Smashing posts, all. I am still fighting a wretched virus and not on my game as I would like. (What's that distant cheering, I hear?). I liked all the responses but Nomine's stood out for me. Especially the "altar of greed".

  8. Every now and then there comes along a little comet whose light shines on a subject in such a way as to coalesce our thoughts in a direction that wasn't obvious before. Afterwards, we wonder at our previous state of blindness...

    Nomine is one of those comets. Thanks for the insight...