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Sunday, 7 November 2010

An Awful Reminder.....

Of Socialism And It's Practitioners.

Just look at his face, listen to his ghastly, smug, arrogant, ugly voice. Remember this was the face of The UK mass immigration policy. Remember that?  It was an unobtrusive but official release.

"The British Labour government’s unmandated and secretive immigration project is thought to have brought up to three million people into the country since their election in 1997.
Tony Blair’s famous 1997 pledge card failed to mention that the population would be increased by millions as a matter of policy.
Anyone living in and moving around the country cannot  have failed to notice in this time some of the effects this has had on day to day life: increased journey time on overcrowded motorways, increased waiting time in healthcare facilities;and staggering rises in crime linked to immigration, housing demand and downward pressure on wages – not to mention the associated increases in social tension that these changes inevitably bring.
The country’s facilities and social systems were never designed to cope with such an extraordinary spike in numbers. But just why did Labour set out on this enterprise?"

More is to be found here.

A sick, twisted policy that has done more harm to the UK than ever done by Nazi Germany. Now consider the nature of the individual in charge of immigration until early this year and star of "The Avengers" clip above. Ghastly and unwholesome people aren't they, these "ginger rodents" ?


  1. What really pisses me off is the fact that there is not a damn thing we can do about these people.
    Can't someone prosecute these scum for treason, oh silly me what was I thinking.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog OR , and yes I do clean toilets, the wife and I have a small cleaning company.(till January anyway)then who knows.

  2. Thanks, likewise, ArtCo. Good luck with the company. As for these people, we have our blogging!!

  3. Treat them ALL with disdain and contempt, ArtCo. It's the new subservience.

    Each and every one of them has either had, or wants, their hand in your wallet. They are ALL unashamed shits, on whom I would not piss if they were on fire.

    This latest brouhaha over the little shite Woolas takes our servants to an all-time low.

    Keep blogging - it's the way forward. They hate it.

  4. I'm so pleased that this ghastly git has been done, even more so that he chooses to extend his period of humiliation by demanding a Judicial Review, twat.

  5. Hi, KILLEM< great advice. Banned, he won't be judicial "reviewing" if he has to sub it himself.