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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Zero, Zilch, Nowt, More Of......

The Bloody Same!

2030, Bradford, Manchester, Paris, Frankfurt Town hall Steps?

John redwood makes a very pertinent point this morning. cuts?.  All the BBC and chatterati clap trap, aided and abetted by the sulky, out of office and bitter Labour hierarchy, whinge on and monotonously say "cuts" at every opportunity. The real losers are the stupid and lazy population who are seeing their and their kids' future squandered by this coalition as readily and as stupidly as their former EU apparatchiks in Labour.
The socialist dream of equality is alive and well. That is a ruling elite presiding over a poor, disadvantaged but "equal" poor. Sure the "cuts" will hurt and the 20% VAT train steaming down the track will be far harder to jump out of the way of. Fear not, though. Government and the elite will be just fine. Not for they reduced pension pots, a bleak decline of even basic comfort. No, rest assured, your life is owned by an unelected EU Commission. Sadly the frogs are baiting the wrong Bilderbergers. National politicians are only the front men these days. We are well and truly had. Personally, I might be OK but many, many others will not be. £2.00 a litre, £9.10p a gallon is on the cards. No wonder we were forced to switch to litres. Great con trick, that. Good luck, we will need it as The EU and their lead UK Head Fred, Cameron, shafts us almost as painfully as the last lot.


  1. I have stopped my membership of the Tory party because the leadership are enthralled with the EU. I applaud the Tory MPs who voted with Douglas Carswell during the past week about not increasing our payments to this corrupt organisation. So maybe there is hope.

  2. Just found your blog this morning; sorry to be slightly o.t, but may I ask whether you know what has happened to Mr Redwood's blog this Sunday morning, Oct.17th?, since I read it regularly; but it has been replaced with a pile of adverts under

  3. Anon, he has been zapped several times this week. Spooks are us?