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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

You Schmucks!

Golfing Propaganda Triumph.

I was appalled at the steady infiltration of The Federal European subliminal takeover of this event. This year we get a full blown assault on our sluggish trudge into slavery. A march, or walk of serfs, every bit as awful as the forced marches demanded by the Japanese and Nazi criminals in World war two. My disgust was shared here , back in 2006 and just look where their lost nation now sits. Still, posts about the tragedy and stupidity of Afghanistan or the criminal forces driving The EU and NWO all fail dismally to rouse any real interest outside of our small voices. We are indeed, as a whole,  a willing bunch of slaves addicted to easy living and the comfort of the brain dead. Still we small, merry band of bloggers retain, for the time being, an organ of release. Use it while we are still able. The hijacking of golf,  as a propaganda weapon is just the beginning.


  1. Team Brainwashed5 October 2010 at 11:12

    And when did all this 'Team Europe' stuff start ?

    It seems to have evolved out of nowhere but was probably planned.

    I looked back at previous Ryder Cup games and didn't see any Euro flags but I noticed that all the new reports about the Ryder Cup had the EUSSR flag at the top of the page. Even before the EUSSR flag was designed. A sort of backdating of tyranny I suppose.

    Well back to watching 'Team Scotland' in the Commonwealth games. I think the Indians got so excited about hosting the games that they forgot about the spectators. I haven't seen any yet.

  2. Team Brainwashed said...
    Nice to have you by. It is all pretty shitty stuff, though. I would have loved to see all the players in their own nations' flags and crests. At least their blazers were free of that sickly yellow and blue.

  3. Funny Isn't it..Yellow and Blue where have I seen those two colours in similar precentages together recently???

  4. "The EU and NWO all fail dismally to rouse any real interest outside of our small voices"
    You are so right I just saw this gem on the internet.

    As we no longer have a country all this work that was done by the British embassies will now be done by the EU embassy. If you want a visa to come to Britain you get it at the EU embassy, Hague is turning all British embassies into branches of Marks & Spencer's.

  5. Anon, same old same old. It's a sleep walk into oblivion. So much for the battle of Britain. We need another few!