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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Welcome To The real NWO

Kim Jong-il and son, Chinese Puppets.

Underestimating the Rothschilds ability to cash in on anything from drug wars, war per se and changes in world dominance is a big mistake, stretching back over two hundred years. That mistake means that the Rothschilds hold us all in a grip of iron, so far,  your future  As poverty begins to creep inexorably into the failing Western capitalist era, so China's calculated economic strategy begins to unfold. Guess where their knowledge and tactical supremacy is derived. Guess who is at the vanguard of the emerging Asian and Oriental success. Well, they can enjoy their scheming nastiness and pursuit of power at any cost. Only one nation is more devious and cunning, smart and dictatorial than ever the Rothschilds have been, China. 
As for another rather disappointing parallel, North  Korea could be regarded as being to China as The UK was to America. Especially where nepotism and socialism trumps genuine ability. Just look at the Lord Of The Pies lookalike above!


  1. Off message but did you see where Clinton is going to the Balkans to push for EU integration.
    The US get a say we dont.