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Monday, 11 October 2010

Wallace Is A Wally.

Ed Millipede Flexes His brain Cell Muscle.

Just as with mass immigration, pension destruction and wholesale economic vandalism, I never signed up for universal benefits. Now Wallace is going all out to pretend he's the millionaires' mate and seeks to support Bliar and his other rich pals kiddies' daily, tax payer funded pocket money. Good for the dealers and sycophantic kid's pals' life styles. Not so tickety boo for the genuinely deserving poor. I am not a rich man but reasonably off despite the overwhelming tax burden and pension raids of the last 13 years. However, give me a solid case for directing my heating allowance somewhere more demanding and I'll hand it over. Having said that the crooks who run the energy companies are about to rape us all yet again, so belay that hint of altruism.
Back to poor Gromit's owner's credentials. Universal benefits cannot ever be fair. If we stop paying money to wealthy and unnecessary beneficiaries, then those savings could be shared between increases for the genuine claimants and a saving to the already over burdened tax payer. Typical Labour. Bash the likes of Lord Ashcroft, the biggest charitable donor in the UK, here, whilst pretending to believe in universal benefit payments. How's that work? Hypocrisy. A trait so beloved of the Socialist classes and hierarchy. Just look at North Korea. Were that regime to topple, their Nero would be strumming nuclear warheads, not violins, whilst claiming the universal benefits of war and poverty. 


  1. John Redwood keeps trying to explain that there are not in fact cuts proposed overall. What we cannot do is to meet all the bills or the commitments left over from the previous government. But I think he is still being optimistic and that real cuts will occur whether they are planned or unplanned.

  2. I don't think Ashcroft is planning on dying though OR, with his money he will be first in the queue for the life proilongation injection!

  3. Demetrius, indeed the so called cuts are just tidier housekeeping and savings. The deficit will take more than people realise to clear. Indyanhat, he is the largest UK donor even as he still draws breath.