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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Toenails Strikes!

Ghastly, Arrogant Turncoat.

I find this funny as a showing of this little mincer's hissy. The subject of his smug ire I fully agree with. Not one mention yesterday of the cost of this stupid war!


  1. we're not worthy21 October 2010 at 12:50

    Toenails just voted 'Blogger of the Year'. WTF !!

  2. He's not called toenails for nothing!

  3. A BBC prima donna, completely out of touch with REAL people.

    Robinson is part of the Westminster village cliterati. He lives and works there, and is just a mouthpiece for the BBC. He trots out the party line, tis all.

    I prefer him to Jug Ears Marr, but these egotistical luvvies are just another part of a corrupted propaganda machine. A good place to start with cuts to the BBC. Cut hard and deep and start at the top. Political editor is a good enough place to start in my book.

    Had that been my sign that he had destroyed, I would have smacked him til he begged for mercy, then smacked him some more.

    Arrogant twat.

  4. What an unpleasant little squit.

    killem, I would have paid good money to see you explaining things to Mr. Robinson. He would have woken up in hospital to an audience of anxious nurses who would promptly reassure him that every vestige of wood had indeed been removed from .... down there and, once the swellings had gone down, he would OF COURSE be able to walk again.


  5. Iain Dale is saying that he "didn't know Toenails had it in him" and "good on him" and such like!

    Personally speaking, I'm with the guy holding up the sign and I do believe Killemall has come up with exactly the correct response to the arrogant Labour twat!

  6. Dale will never accept that any shirt lifter can do wrong or molest little boys. His bedroom wall is festooned with pictures of Brazil Mandy. Nice help, there dear commentators!