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Friday, 8 October 2010

A Third of New Shadow Cabinet Is ‘Incapable’

Guess Who Said That?

This lot have only 5 new moronics from the old gang of bankrupters. 14 are from that 13 years of decline and fall. So much for a new generation. Pinky Wallace has, Benn (cos' of me mad old dad), The Blinkys, Postman Pat, Flint Bint, Harriet (Gromit deputy? Hater of white males), Tessa (Mafia Moll) Jowell. Back to the future, Wallace. New? Piss take, that's so Labour, Dahling!
Go on, whose your hate figure from this old/new cretinous gang of has-beens? As for them being incapable, good old Jack "the lad" Straw said those words this very day. Now in case it escaped your notice Mr Man of Straw, 14 of them are from your days at the teat of State largess. This is going to be such fun. Will it be a car crash of IDS proportions? You bet, in fact more of a charabanc in old language. Apt, really, since they are all but 5 of them, has-beens. That includes Wallace and his deputy soon to be announced. Harriet Gromit has a ring about it, don't you think? One final observation, most of the "girls" are pre-menopausal, including Ms Flint. Now how's that going to be for unpredictability?


  1. Same old bunch of closet Marxists. Two sisters, husband and wife. Nothing like keeping it in the family.

  2. Alan Johnson is the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer - honest, I've just heard it on the wireless and the announcer wasn't pissing herself laughing or anything.

    Wow; I can just imagine it (after Labour have won the snap election we're not having next year) as he turns up in Washington for the grand gathering of the G8 ministers. There he'll be in his blue shorts, knobbly knees glistening palely in the arc-lights, notes in an untidy sack slung awkwardly over one shoulder and leaving a trail of red rubber bands all over the White House floor.

    Wasn't long ago he said that he was just a political hack and dint kno nuffink about being Home Seckatry. It is plain to see how well qualified this dolt is for the task of taking young Georgie Osborne to task upon matters of economic complexity. Hope he's got his calculator at the ready, the lefty pillock!

  3. Hah, he makes Gromit look inordinately savvy!

  4. and Gromit makes my morning bowel movement appear equally savvy! No doubt Osborne is looking forward to witnessing Johnson working out dead 'ard sums 'n' fings on fingers and toes. If this is the best they can muster then they have let us down! The Opposition is there to hold the Government to account not provide the comic relief!

  5. Only a third of them???

    Come now, they are all utterly incapable...