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Friday, 29 October 2010


Everything We Ever Had.

Just one example here of so many. Behind the photo ops and the glad handing are the secret plotting meetings and stitch up scenarios that go on in Parliament, Downing Street, Davos, Brussels, on swanky yachts and so forth.   Usually its about money, power and screw the Eloys even further. Forget ideology, Socialism, Conservatism, Liberalism or any other label you might wish to see represented. They are gone. All that is left is what you are to be told is left. Anyone unable to garner sufficient material and personal assets, in order to be able to ignore the reality engulfing us, is doomed to a future of blind obedience and subversion.
The deal to build carriers and fly French aircraft off them did not happen overnight. Just as the 2.9% budget robbery was agreed months ago. The pretence, the preening and the posturing I find sickening. That it is now headed by the leader of a once Nation saving Conservative Party is even more retching, vomit inducing nausea.
This Man, who might have been a great PM has already reneged on so much. Sack a lying, cheating old Etonian wally, no way. Stop kow towing to Islamic issues, no chance. Repatriate powers from Europe what a joke. Prevent expenses scandals in Parliament, not now my mates are in charge.
Stop, my sides are splitting at the idea that decency and promises mean anything any more. As I said, forget any thought of ideology, just surrender. Everybody else has. That which The Socialists started, these boys mean to finish. Except Afghanistan. That is to become, indeed is becoming, a forgotten war. As in Fawlty, "don't mention the war" is an EU summit must.


  1. you are so right OR, the lamposts of westminster are bekoning....but do any have the will to bring the rope?

  2. OR hits the bull again.

    And now Cameron has the bloody gall to crow from the top of his little European dung-heap about how he has saved us all simply bucketloads of money due to his hard-nosed negotiating skills. He really must think that we are all as thick as two short planks.

    I am going to print off a picture of him this afternoon to hang underneath those I have of the Queen, Arthur Wellington, and the Charge of the Scots Greys. It will bear the title, "A Complete Arse".

  3. Thanks, guys, you may enjoy my piccie tomorrow!

  4. " This Man, who might have been a great PM"

    I doubt it. He had already reneged on a 'cast iron' guarantee of an EU referendum before he was PM.
    His knowledge of the EU is very flimsy if he thinks they will stick to a 2.9% increase. They can increase it as much as they want and there's nothing he can do about it.
    The aircraft carrier in your pic is American OR.

  5. Cast Iron, it is indeed American, with Kermit aircraft.

  6. WHAT??? the frogs have got their planes on American carriers no...why would they need ours too, are they thinking of taking over the world????

  7. OR. Yes it looks like a French Rafale F2 of the French Marine nationale. Possibly on the US carrier USS Enterprise off the coast of Toulon ?
    I know the French buy the US catapult sytem so it shouldn't be too awkward. Especially with GPS navigation these days.

    Surrender Monkey 1 to Yankee boat.
    " Hee haw hee haw chamios leather Comment Sa Va. Quelle heur et mange ici"

    USS Enterprise to French eating surrender monkey
    " Big mac and fries with extra cheese in 3 minutes. Clear to land."

  8. French joke (in appalling taste):

    It is a dark night and the gendarme has espied a suspicious character in an alley,

    "Excusez-moi, m'sieu - defense de pisser ici"
    "Mais je ne pisse pas - je m'abuse!"
    "Aha! Pardonnez moi m'sieu! Vive la sport!!"

    I've always thought this a rather good guide to the French character...

  9. It's true the defense agreement has been in preparation for a while. I met a French diplomat the other day who explained how sophisticated it was. He also mentioned that in France it was seen as anti-European, as it didn't include the Dutch/Danish or most importantly, the Germans...