Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 18 October 2010


Another 24 Hours Notice.

So valuable, interesting and important have I found the comments on my post on The NHS, I am leaving it as the post for today. Tomorrow I shall send the content to The Health Secretary, together with all of the rational points/comments attached so far.

Come On Comment On Your Health Service!


  1. Good for you. It won't make any difference... it's like the prisoners menu vs the hospital menu.

    They don't care one bit.

  2. OR - one of the best works I have read on this subject is "The Welfare State We're In" by James Bartholomew.

    I suspect that Andrew Lansley is well aware of this closely reasoned work and will already have shied away from it, nervously clutching for a large stiffener as he does so.

    Still, with the ackers piling his way from Walker's Crisps, Mars Bars and Pizza Hut until relatively recently, I suspect that we will have none of this nonsense about eating sensibly in order to remain healthy...

    If anyone's interested in having a look, here's a link:

  3. I think I'll give it a miss for health reasons, Caractacus!

  4. Dean, you were spot on. Finger trouble caused me to delete your comment and I'm mortified! Private and public capital is definitely the way forward. Trouble is the political pillocks tip toe around each other.

  5. I duly sent the comments from the main post to The Health Secretary. I'm not expecting any feedback!

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