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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Red Hypocrisy?

Did You Ever Know A Bigger Bigot And Hypocrite?

Do my eyes deceive me? Is this another ginger whinger rodent?

Are you a bigger rodent for dying your barnet or having it that colour naturally, Harpie. What a monstrous gaffe. A hated and despised, very nasty politician spurts forth childish bile after years of the hypocritical muck that has dominated this ghastly woman's life. My only surprise is that this bovine apparition of nastiness hasn't been found out before. An architect of womens' shortlists unless hubby-twat needs a sinecure. A treacherous and dreadful Bliar then Snotty Brown sycophant and wealthy millionairess. Wealth extracted from the backs of the poverty that pervades socialist governance. A cynical seeker of school places and privilege for her own devils' spawn. A hateful, manipulative purveyor of deceit and destruction for all who fail her exacting demands for genuflection at the altar of her menopausal self-righteous ego. 
For all the failings of the coalition and Cameron's treachery over Europe, I would rather be a slave under a European yoke than be forced to suffer under this socialist pretender and piece of utter, abject mess of a human being. Nasty party, nasty people.



  1. Nice rant, OR. It's symptomatic of their thinking - their pc thought police and equality rules only apply to us.

  2. I believe that chap she was referring to tweeted that rodents are useful as they clear up the mess that people leave behind.


  3. GV, delusion is in their DNA. Amps, nice one!

  4. I do wish you wouldn't skirt around the subject so; prevarication does not become you.
    Please come straight out with what you really mean!


  5. Nah, come on - stop beating about the bush.

  6. Sums the bitch up rather nicely, OR.

    Spot on, as usual.

  7. Why, thank you KILLEM! Christopher, that's one bush I don't wish to beat about.

  8. Didn't she drive off from a road accident screaming 'you know who I am and where you can find me ' out of her car window ?

  9. She did, SS and no doubt will when she's President of Europe.