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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Quislings All?

Chameleon, The Latest In A Long Line.

Quislings indeed. I am marginally happier to have lost the all pervading grip on power of Labour and it's ghastly people but how disappointing that, despite a smaller improvement in competency, we still have a coalition of  EU psychophants. People determined to keep that heavy, stifling fleece over the faces of The European peoples, come what may. smarmy cnut.
His weasel, worthless, wonk inspired promises on Europe, garnered around dinner tables and inner sanctum meetings, are so typical of the depth of penetration the Federal dream has gone. He has no more decent, open honesty than Heath, that fat and despicable shirt lifter ever had.  Behind the flannel and apparent opposition politics lies the hidden and treacherous Privy Council cabal. A once proud institution now prostituted to sell this Country to the unelected commissars of the EU Commission. That bunch of gangster loving crooks have more insight into our lives and so called secrets than we ourselves. No doubt aided and abetted by The Yanks desire for a larger ally to stem their decline in the face of The Chinese and Russian alliances. 
Note the smarmy and useless pronouncements from Government on our budget and fiscal needs to cut and reduce, slash and burn, tax and take. VAT, another EU instrument of control, goes up massively in January. So what, it will help swell the coffers of the ever pus filled EU appetite for our money. Or at least that which is left, after borrowing. All Labour care about is that in opposition the chances of top EU jobs are reduced. That is all. You and I count for no more than an irritating speck on their expensive clothes. All so dispiriting and crooked.

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  1. I've seen it said elsewhere but its getting to the stage where the best way to deal with these unelected eiropean commissioners is exactly the same way the Czech's dealt the the special comminissioner left in charge of their affairs, one Reinhard Heydrich in May 1942