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Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Queer Quango That Survives.

Same As Ever?

Perusing this propaganda bonfire list I was struck by this organisation and its retention. Where others are merged or seemingly abolished, such as an animal welfare group, this one remains, in what can only be described as a sinister role. Why cannot Parliament and Government have such an organisation in house? Of course our supreme leaders will trot out some vague excuse as to it remaining but for me it smacks of a pompous body with far reaching powers. Powers not dissimilar to those so well presaged by Orwell. Although my mantra "anything" but Labour is as strong as ever, I remain very unconvinced, so far, that the "fairness" agenda is all that genuine. The bollocks with regard to £80k households still receiving child allowance, whilst the falling level from fiscal drag, single earner, homes lose out. Of course, the politicians are often joint sucklers at the tax teat so that's quite handy to pay the illegal immigrant cleaning lady. Ask Baroness Scotland for one!


  1. As the song goes

    Big Brother est déjà parmi nous :
    Il nous surveille un peu partout.

    It is scary. If it's as well controlled as everything else in this country, they are probably all down the pub having an extended liquid lunch as I type!

  2. It's not that these things exist, although that's bad enough. It's that even when presented with evidence of the outrages being visited upon by our lords and masters... sorry, duly elected representatives and public servants, the British public just blithely and blindly accept it as one of those things!!!

  3. The surveillance aspect of the EU and UK elite is about to get much worse. All in the name of security.

    Mark my words, you ain't seen nothing yet.

  4. Fabian the Fabulous14 October 2010 at 20:05

    I used to know the bloke who is the face of Big Brother in your picture - funny thing is, a less sinister bloke is hard to imagine!

  5. Sue - I very much fear you could be right.

    We seem to be overdue another false-flag event/fundraiser designed to keep us all on our toes. I just hope that the victims are kept to a minimum and preferably found in the ranks of the buggers (excuse me there Sue, forgot there were ladies present) who are responsible for this state of affairs.

  6. Thank you all as ever for excellent and interesting comments. As for The EU's agenda touched on by Sue, it is an awful and dreadful organisation. Mind you the French may well bring it down whilst our nation of ignoramus's
    fight last centuries class wars.
    Caratacus, Sue is indeed a Lady but no language barriers for she when it comes to the EU s**t!