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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Our Financial Future?

I Might Be Grumpy But....................

If  socialism continues to be pushed back and common sense prevail, the World's economy might just recover quicker than otherwise might be the case. The EU's problems and bail outs of  the euro single currency may well see that corrupt and criminal regime weaken or indeed fail. Sure, tough times are ahead but the chatterati and Labour attempts to scaremonger and oppose for the sake of sulking seem to be less effective than for over 20 years. Normally I preach the decline of Western capitalism, not least because of the unholy alliance between socialist regimes. However I do see signs that people power, not least in Europe, is less blinkered and has a more common-sensical  awareness that "boom and bust" will always be with us. The trick is to make both less dramatic and long lasting. A two year cycle used to be the norm. Snotty made that a decade plus.
We can but hope and do what we can to help. Keep blogging!


  1. I predict a few things for no other reason than it is common sense.

    1. All current wind turbines will be deemed useless and will be dismantled for scrap metal. Or maybe even left to rust because it is too expensive to dismantle.

    2. People will finally see that the EU and everything to do with it is nothing but a scheme to enslave us all to unelected idiots. These idiots will be shown up to be concerned only with themselves.

    3. Finally, the global warming scam will be reported by MSM for what it is...a scam. Even Moonbat wont believe it anymore!

  2. If we define Socialism simplistically as “legal plunder” then it is a logical step to observe that ALL of today’s politicians, no matter what their stripe, are socialist. There are three ways of living in a society: (1) The few plunder the many; (2) Everybody plunders everybody; (3) Nobody plunders anybody. I would prefer to live in the last one but am enough of a realist to accept that this is unlikely. We are living in (1) at the moment and have been for years one way or another, but it is my humble contention that we may be about to enter a phase where (2) prevails.

    The world’s financial system is about to implode – either slowly and steadily or very spectacularly. There is too much debt owed and no coherent way to repay it. As currencies deflate like a series of balloons and prices for the most basic commodities of life inflate out of the reach of many there will be a bit of a rearrangement of lifestyles here and there.

    Now, in case you’re thinking that ole Caratacus has got his miserable head on today, let me hasten to say that I’m looking forward to a return to the values that really matter – neighbourliness, caring for one another, true moral guidance for our young, a less exploitative attitude toward the world’s resources (with humans breeding like bloody fruit flies ....) and a world where we can tentatively enjoy true freedoms as they begin to reappear. And where OR continues to rail against the Ungodly!

  3. Specialone, what an uplifting set of predictions and you can count me in. Interestingly they are mirrored by the ever eloquent Caratacus and his 2 is very superior to the 1 and the 3 well worth striving for.