Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

OR Goes To London.

No Limos or Red Carpet,Though!

For a real treat visit this voice of almost reason. Cam seems much nicer! deserved, in the main, bile!


  1. And I thought I was nationalistic - wonderful stuff, OR. It's good to hear it again.

  2. You be careful in that place of sin and debauched wickedness OR. Oi 'ave 'eard tell that the ladies of 'orizontal pleasure can 'ave yer ankles away and be underneath 'ee afore you 'it the vloor.

  3. GV, stirring or what.
    Caratacus, as ever spot on! What an unbelievable dump! by the way, Caratacus, something rang a bell of your post. Are you a frequent traveler?

  4. Oh 'esss young OR. Oi've travelled vur en' wide an' Oi cud tell 'ee thangs thet'd mek 'ee zhudder with the gullomptions.

    Oi minds once us went so vur as Cullompton to zee the broight loights an' thet vool 'Orse Dick Brimecombe waved 'is at the parson's missus! Bog'r if Oi didn' laugh zo much Oi nearly 'ad a movement....

    'Appy days 'm' were too....

  5. Listen and weep for what has happen to our once great country.
    Thanks to Edward Heath the great traitor who signed us up to this EU superstate. Im sure future generations will wonder how did we let this happen.
    England is finished.

  6. Anon, I suspect Heath's yachting expenses were topped up via his acquiescence to his mandarins' siren voices.

  7. It's no good OR - I'm intrigued: who or what is RD? Richard Dawkins? Richard Digance even... or perhaps Regular Dementia (as opposed to Alzheimer's Demens?)

  8. Caratacus, I thought maybe you might have been a pal of mine. He has a similar touch of genius about him!

  9. Good Lord OR - just picked myself up from the floor...

    Wait 'til I show the memsahib; genius, no less. You flatter me OR, you really do