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Friday, 15 October 2010

Money Down The Mersey.

Or The Toilet. Same Difference.

The sums of money not floating round the football scene, as Liverpool struggle with a reported £260 million of debt, have all gone the way of the thicko and leftie economic illiteracy and debauchery. The EU snaffled a mega trillion dollar laundry from the gangster barons, who no longer need F1 or Soccer outlets for 50p in the pound swaps. The hitherto beneficiaries of that washing process have become insanely rich but only temporarily. These idolised and role modeled clowns have demonstrated that  their enormous wealth is beyond their ability to harness for other than sex, drugs and key swapping. When less than willing participants in this Sodom and Gomorrah complained, the England squad of highly professional party goers and orgy gorillas  took to the world stage in their devalued chosen sport. Their performances served to highlight the state of The British brand of excess and vomit inducing behaviour that shames the very existence of a culture nurtured by socialism and greed. Well, the party may be over. Sure the night will be long but if we see the demise of Liverpool as a sporting icon, the rest will follow as the cash haemorrhages out of the game. Will that be a bad thing? Not if the Blackpool and Baggies example of financial prudence takes over. Trouble is they might easily fall to the same hurdles of criminal influence, gambling syndicates and drug lords. 
As I said, soccer is a mirror on all that is wrong with Western culture today. Excess, laziness, poor education and a desperate selfishness that has no concept of the debt to be paid. God save us all from the hell it engenders.

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