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Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday Morning, Leftie Moaning

Delusion And Denial.

For most of my lifetime I have despised the delusional philosophy that is socialism. Just another ideology created to enslave and dominate the human spirit. We all know the history of Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin et al. Even though we now embrace Vietnam, the killing. torture and revenge wreaked by the venom of the North and left on their fellow citizens was every bit as awful as any other take over by agents of the left. In The UK we see (and is shown above), the venom, spite and nastiness of the left. As a coalition, love them or hate them, wrestle with the gerrymandered society and mass immigration they inherited, the bile spews forth from the left. Of course, had their vote rigging arrogance have prevailed and the nightmare that they represent won the last election, the very measures being taken now would have been brutally worse and our debt have drowned us and subsumed us into a European minor state. Now, despite my belief that our ruling elite are all colluding with their European counterparts to create a super state, its arrival is slowed and possibly reversed, by the people. Above all else, the mess we are in was Labours' economic illiteracy, spawned from a Treasury presided over by a proven mad man. Don't fall for the constant river of nastiness and lies the left and their still powerful propaganda machine vomit forth. Never forget the real threat of union, ignorant, chip on the shoulder, inadequate bullies that comprise the mud slide disastrous muck Labour continue to produce. If you want a land fit for heroes you need to wake up to what Labour really means. Violence and jealousy, hatred and control. 


  1. Socialism will never work. There will always be someone cleverer and more qualified than I am. I accept that effort and natural talent will make some people more successful than I am. I do not expect them to share the fruits of their labours with me, that would unfair.

    Socialism : The delusion that somehow those that "have" have to share with the "have nots" whilst anything of any value belongs to the state.

    In other words : The EU.

  2. Indeed The EUSSR, Sue. Loathsome.

  3. Her Ladyship was distraught. The doctor had entered the drawing room looking thoughtful and had broken the awful news to the assembled noble family,

    "I am most frightfully sorry my Lady, but your husband , although breathing, is brain dead".

    Her Ladyship fell back into a chair, sobbing uncontrollably. When she had gathered herself and been administered sweet tea, her daughter said, "But Mama, you and Papa were never....close..."

    Her Ladyship, struggling to achieve a degree of equilibrium, sniffed wetly and said,

    "I know my Darling - it's just that ...we.. we've never had a Socialist in the family before".

  4. See the video about socialism at
    160 million people killed by socialism in the 29th century.

    The next video about why governments lie and get away with it is also interesting.

  5. Sue said

    'There will always be someone cleverer and more qualified than I am'

    Can not argue with that

  6. Well argue a little bit Blop... Sue is a very clever lady!

  7. Someone once said,

    "The trouble with socialism that sooner or later, you run out of other people's money".

    And so it goes on.

    Labour in power, country goes skint. Tories get in. Repair some of the damage. Labour get in. Country goes skint. Tories get in nauseam.

    It's starting to boil my piss now.....

  8. I think that's a fair description of the cycle we're in Killemall. Sad thing is, that whilst yes the Tories repair some of the damage, they never repair it all. It becomes accumalative and after every Labour government, the country is left just a little grubbier.

  9. Blop as in plop? Guys and girls, we could all join the UKIP Tea Party!