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Friday, 22 October 2010


"Sun" Like Banner But Still Sort Of Delicious.

Tower Hamlets has now officially become the first Independent Islamic European Federal State. Sharia law will soon be dominant and the "Dale" Party will suffer great humiliation and rejection. Hundreds of years of English heritage will be destroyed and this tiny enclave will get ever larger, as Londistan slowly becomes a reality in fact as well as fear.
One of the main architects? Labour and the pathetic, soft underbelly of pork that is the socialist hierarchy and BBC lauded chatterati of weak appeasers. A Party that has presided over a gerrymandering immigration policy and deference, cowardly sucking up to anything remotely Muslim. Now a mega IED has gone off in their faces. One every bit as damaging as those exploded in their war in Afghanistan. My joy at Cuban Ken's complete and utter public rogering, is heavily tempered by that other woeful economic legacy of Labours' 13 years of ball wrecking. A Tower Hamlets local rag article stated "Labours' humiliation" only to be quietly removed from Google. So total is this reversal of the Labour smarmy and dedicated forelock tugging to Islam, that the reverberations are subjected to a removal of a Google reference. Be assured, Labour have that procedure well practiced. Still to watch the steady fall and pathetic has- been that is Cuban Ken, suffer potential justice for his dubious politics and debauched lifestyle is wonderful. To see his tin star rusting is still cause for celebration. A fine red to all my like minded followers this evening, even as a corner of our Nation falls to 12th century hordes, reincarnated in the very heart of our Capital. It won't be the last loss, that's for sure. 


  1. Well ,much more of this and then maybe people will start to take notice.

  2. " To see his tin star rusting is still cause for celebration"

    Easy OR. I'm eating my dinner ;)

  3. As I sit here in the cold and wet, I look to the other end of the cell at my comrade who is, in turn, sitting on the floor looking pensive. As well he might, the Muzzie devils put him through it last night as they tried to extract information about our fledgling resistance movement from his already tortured body. Good egg, old Haddock – I had to laugh when he told them he was probably their father after a stint he did in the middle east some years ago. Reckoned he had climbed off each of their mothers at one time or another..... Still, we gave nothing away and I’m sure we have gained sufficient time for our comrades to relocate to a place of safety.

    Ho hum – so it has come to this. The Cassandras of the past few years, whose prophecies the Governing classes would have done well to heed, have been proven right after all. Of course, the moneyed and political classes have fled this island now and are spending more time with their numbered accounts in far places where Sharia Law has not - yet – been allowed to gain the upper hand. At home, the Civil War (or CW2 as it has become known amongst the younger members of our group) has been raging for some months. I don’t think the muzzies really ever understood just how deep the seam of resilience and resistance is in the soul of the British. They’re certainly upset about their losses. The fate of Anjam Choudry is only spoken about in hushed whispers in the mosques, and I did think at the time that Nobby’s suggestion was beyond the pale, but there we are.

    Ah – I hear the distant shuffle of boots and the clink of hardware. My oppo is awake, his eyes are glinting, he flexes his raw hands and stretches the short length of wire in preparation; I ready myself with the small sliver of glass I have managed to keep hidden these last few hours and smile – get ready Allah, some more of your faithful fuckwits will be with you very shortly......

  4. I knew one day they would not need the Liebour party, next Tooting and more and more will fall.
    Thank you Liebour party our children will be forever greatfull you f*&^" traitors.

  5. Dear OR resistance, as ever, superb contributions. CW2 I like, Caratacus. Sue, how goes Islam in Spain? Gay Prose, great to have you pop by. ArtCo maybe, just may be. Anon, you are worthy of a handle!

  6. Hearken brothers and sisters of britain , it is time to reclaim our rightful place in the land. Let us all venture forth and open up corner shops in all ares, letus spread , even as they di, le us retake the middles of streets between our corner shops and let us openly practice our worship of the great smoke god Tobacco and the god of inebreation Booze, let us not shirk from this fight no matter who may come against us.

    PS for any who fall in this endeavour there will be waiting for hem in heaven at least 72 untouched packets of the golden Virgin nia and several barrels of inexhaustible British ale...

  7. Well said Indy ..

    I'd also propose the opening of a Pork Butchers shop or Bacon & Pork sausage-selling cafe on every street corner throughout the land ..

    With super-powered, weapons-grade air extractors fitted to all .. by law ...

  8. Nicely done Caratacus .. made oi larf ..

    Now .. whilst "himself" has been in some rough old places in his time .. I do maintain sufficient control over him to ensure that he's never been where you suggest ..

    And certaily never whilst the "Widow fist & her five duaghters" survive ..

    Or whilst I can still lay hands on a pound of warm liver & a jam jar ...

  9. Don't doubt it for a moment Captain... I was suggesting that 'twas said to wind up the muzzies you see. Always staggers me that they manage to replenish their numbers at all.

    I think what really made them lose it was when you growled something about one of their childless sisters, about how surprised you were "that a furrow so regularly ploughed had not borne harvest before now". They get the hump ever so easy the rag-heads.

  10. This was so obviously always going to turn out loke this, not least the moslems turning on their Labour sponsors. It's why I left London 20 years ago though I'm not allowed to say that in case I get accused of 'hate crime'. Harringey will be next.

  11. Indeed Banned ..

    Followed quickly by Hounslow, Feltham, Hayes, Harlington, Uxbridge, Southall & Staines ..

    As far as I'm concerned, they can have London all to themselves .. its not worth getting worked up about ..

  12. "As far as I'm concerned, they can have London all to themselves .. its not worth getting worked up about .."

    Very sad though, Captain, after we saw of the Germans!

  13. Tower Hamlets is just the start of a British Islamic State.

    Newham will be next as it has the second highest percentage of the population who are Muzzie rag-heads. That's the whole of East London - the real former East End -taken care of.

    I would predict that the next Islamic state after Newham would be Southall.

    It's our fault. We allowed this to happen. We've sat on our arses and let the likes of Bliar, Brown, Cameron, Clegg and Galloway run rings round us, whilst they let hordes of these mad fuckers invade our land.

    They hate us - they absolutely hate us - and are hell bent on destroying our heritage, our Christian faith and our western culture.

    As OR and his ilk have been saying for ages, we are in very deep shit, and some of us woke up just a little too late.

  14. .....and another thing.

    There are already sharia courts in Tower Hamlets.

    I wonder when the first execution of a woman will take place in Londonistan? I firmly believe that it will happen within a couple of years.

    Who knows? It may already have happened. These bastards are mad enough to have done it, and sod the law.

    Dangerous place, London.

    Dangerous times, people.

  15. 2012 and the Olympics, you watch security shit bricks. The Muslim business and breeding program is all about multiplication and eradication of the infidel. Why have they been let in with their bin bag women, I wouldn't get far down the street wearing that kit. The whole scheme is to destroy the national spirit, all part of the EU plan which in turn is part of the One World program. Get us all fighting each other, or rolling over and taking it - either way it's a win-win for the big players. How to destroy a nation - infiltrate and poison from within.

    Pat Condell has s few words: