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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Huhne and Spooks?

Does Huhne equal Hoon?

Where do we find them? I'm sure his shareholding in a surveillance, Eloy counting operation shares is completely tickety boo and his wind farm shares will be neatly "entrusted" through other quiet backwaters of financial shadows. However, I am disgusted at the continued blind investment in bird shredders, as opposed to wave technology. Nobody queries the bloody billions of tons of solid, polluting and expensive, heavy duty concrete necessary for these monuments to stupidity and visual irritation. Have you ever tried to peer into MPs dubious connections? We never get anything like the real picture of backhanding, palm greasing, iffy dealing they get up to. For sure, I got very close last year to identifying a goodly number of profiteers from Iraq and Afghanistan. John Reid was one. Note how quiet he is? Busy counting his money. It's a shame he's not banged up and forced to count the lives and lost limbs of our soldiers and their victims. A coalition that has no defining difference from the last lot of cretinous morons masquerading as Government. Sure we need savings, or in BBC speak cuts. Fair, however is a vicious lie and euphemism for selfishness. Just for the enlightenment of Hoon Huhne, waves are eternal, wind often still in the coldest of weather. Ergo, 2008-2010. Still, these idiots don't do history, just greed and ego.



  1. They're all bloody hoons, OR.

  2. Burning politicians would seem to be the best way toaddress enregy shortages, they are of course far less polluting than coal or nuclear options once the mecury fillings are taken out...

  3. Indy, why can't we get people with common sense to govern?

  4. Indy - cremation is the answer.

    If we cremate the politicians, (dead or alive) the cremators now have to have mercury abatement filters, in order to protect the environment.

    Scum rendered down to bonemeal, and no harm to the environment.

    Everyone's happy, job done!