Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Great Day For People!

Literally Pulling Together.

The live TV pictures of the rescued men and their families is the stuff of history and a rare good day for our existence as human beings. Amidst the awfulness, so often the dominant and glaring indictment of human activity the world over, this glimpse of the best side of  being human, I have found most rewarding and gratifying to see. 
One issue that stood out for me was that of the family. If ever there needed to be an argument for the worth and value of  this way of living your time on earth, here it is. Of course, with all the individuals involved, there are, in the odd case, issues less savoury. As ever, the old sayings hold true. Here I suggest it would be the exception proving the rule. 


  1. I was surprised to be as pleased as I was to see these men reaching the surface. It was a great moment.

    They survived their enforced detention in conditions I am not sure I could have endured, and I pray to all the gods that they survive having the eyes of the world on them, constantly, for the next few months.


  2. There's still no mention of this mine being a 'pirate'gold mine with no health and safety requirements and working conditions that were appalling. The Chilean govt didn't seem very interested in workers rights before so it's interesting that the govt is giving it large in speeches etc.
    Great news that the workers are getting out safely though.

  3. CR, ditto! Pirate mine, sadly so little ever passes in this modern world that is not tainted or corrupted in some way. I just thought I'd accentuate the positive on this. At least for now. I suppose Mad Max Clifford's already there!

  4. Whatever the reasons behind the accident, at least it's brought out the best in human ingenuity. Full marks for all involved in the rescue.

    I gather that at least one of the miners is going to be greeted by his girlfriend, NOT his wife! But that's the way of the world....