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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fed Up

God, The Bloody BBC.

£200K a year for reading an auto cue and blabbing leftie propaganda, ignorant and smugly arrogant sh*t. Since last May all we get is cuts and more cuts, might, maybe, possibly, could. Endless sniping, stirring and mischief. If their coke head, drink sodden outpourings weren't so relentlessly, boringly awful it would be comic. Sadly the damage they have assisted Labour to pour over us isn't funny. Some dwarf of a financial prat this morning,  interviewed an obscure leftie union fart alongside a business rep. All we got was the leftie spouting utter bollocks and a brief bit of upbeat optimism from somebody with a brain cell, stifled by the midget. Dear God in heaven above can't something be done to give us a decent, impartial broadcaster? We certainly shell out a huge sum in tax and licence fees to have this slime of a television bunch of chatterati crap tell us everything we don't want to know whilst ignoring blatantly the corruption so rife in their beloved Labour Party champagne swilling socialists. It is  a huge joke. Sadly at our expense.


  1. Steady on old chap - carry on ranting like that and you'll soon be doing guest posts at Obo's!!

    Couldn't agree more, by the way...

  2. You're absolutely spot on there OR. It's a bit sad really to think this is the same broadcaster that informed, entertained and educated the nation during times of war and peace. It was probably propaganda then as well , but if it was then they were far less blatant about it all!
    When I'm wearing my tin foil hat I sometimes wonder if this isn't all an attempt to trivialise the beeb and render it impotent, ripe for takeover. It's the sort of short sighted balls up that socialists seem to love.

  3. Me at Obo's, MD? I think not! Atlas, "short sighted balls up that socialists seem to love." Yup, Balls by nature, Balls by name!

  4. The whole BBC is starting to shriek about cuts. Lately, I love listening to them in the mornings and evenings - prime time slots on Radio 4 bring out the best of these lefty whiners.

    James Naughtie and Evan 'Tinsel Tits' Davis are the most rabid post-election interviewers who draw breath.

    They are now starting to be forced out of their comfort zone, and may be thinking that they may have to get a job in the real world in the not-too-distant future.

    Hence the rabid, anti-coalition shrieking. Its so brazen that it's funny.

    If a mere mortal like me notices this phenomenon, then surely those who hold high office (thieving scum though they may be) must also be aware that the BBC is staffed by these lunatics.

    Cuts? Bring 'em on. Start by hitting - hard - the thieves in both Houses, dolescum, junkies, criminals, under-age slappers, immigrants, lefty scum at the biased BBC, champagne Socialists in particular and Labour voters in general.

    Then hit the BBC again.


  5. "Good Evening - This is the Beeb Beeb Ceeb Home Service"

    Where are the clipped tones of yesteryear? The unspoken assumption that Great Britain was the epitome of western civilization by which all others may be judged? The gentle humour, the enjoyable music, the characters who became loved friends to be welcomed into our sitting rooms as we sipped our tea?

    They have gone, sidelined by the lefty bollock-brains reared and encouraged by socialist propogandists masquerading as teachers and educationalists. Started by Labour in the sixties (thank you Tony "I'll close every grammar school in England if it's the last fucking thing I do" Crosland) and continued by every administration since without exception.

    Harrumph. Where was I? Oh yes, time for a restorative, methinks....

  6. Caractacus

    ....and Chris Moyles, and Graham Norton.

    Fuck me, Reith must be spinning in his grave.

  7. killem

    ....and Jonathan Ross, Steve Wright, Robert (aaaaghh weeee....eee....lll) Peston, John Simpson, pinko John Sergeant, Muslim-apologist, ....... sorry, the red mist is descending once more.

  8. KILLEM, Caratacus, you are a joyous double act that warms my cockles! I am flattered to have the privilege to
    host your comments, I really am! As for my other comments, common sense and excellent reads, too. Thank you all!!