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Saturday, 2 October 2010

The EU Disaster.

Whilst We Sleep And Lose Eire.

The link above gave me the idea for the EU picture. Interestingly, in order to get the German people to follow Hitler en masse, he created a target for their ire in the form of the Jewish "question". If we look closely at the cavalier fashion the EU treated the Irish euro referendum and then left them to suffer the consequences of their promoted false boom, we see, possibly the closest to date, enslavement of a people. Makes the potato famine look benign as far as treachery goes. As riots spread throughout the EU, the unelected rulers turn their backs, whilst pursuing, (as did Hitler a relationship with the powerful Jewish Bilderbergers here ), their cosy plotting with the Muslim Oil Barons of The Middle East and elsewhere. Am I stupid to see these parallels? I suspect the farce which unfolded below would earn some credibility for my thoughts. Have a nice weekend but don't forget we are closer to Eire than to Brussels, surely?

"The treatment of the minister, which comes as Ireland faces a standoff with a group of hedge funds over its rescue plan for Anglo Irish Bank, will increase tensions between the country and the debt markets." oh dear


  1. A graphic flag which should be everywhere, Mr OR.

  2. No you're not stupid and often you're too near the mark for comfort - as in this post.

  3. Dear Subrosa, people will begin to talk!!

  4. According to the Beeb Irelands bank rescue will leave them £45,000 in debt, per head.

    Buy Ireland back!