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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Do We Think So?

Cameron Carries On The Myth.

Ever since that fat, mincing queer, Heath, a forerunner of Snotty, colluded with his Mandarins, to lie blatantly about their Federal dreams, all subsequent Governments have been the same. From the Damascan conversion of Labour, the passion for power of the Union Barons and the unfettered greed of the ruling elite, we have been brain washed into a zombie, somnambulist  stroll into the clutches of a dictatorial, unelected cabal, every bit as corrupt as any South American drug baron. The EU and our elite make the mafia seem like the Womens' Institute.
Now Cameron perpetuates the public consumption theatre and front man apparatchik posturing as pretending to be cross about the robbing budget increase demanded by The EU. The picture above says to me that there is a guy gazing into a future created by he and others. Whilst behind closed doors the Heath mushroom factory just grows and grows. The only significant factor is the preparedness of the population, locked into their burger lifestyles, to put up with being buried in manure. It is a great shame that the Bilderberger covert operations haven't the guts to operate in the open. We might just but only just, have a chance. Sadly Tubby Sailor set the mold of how to dupe all the people all of the time. His latest expert and fanatical follower is Cameron. Still, none of them reckoned they would have a Muslim EU to cope with. That's what I call ironic, Ted, you old fraud and despot.
Now, how about a chorus of rule Britannia without that nuclear sub skipper!


  1. The people wanted Powell, even the militant dock labour force were behind him. But a no-name called Heath got the job, all because he was malleable - would do the bidding.

    If only! 80% of the population were behind Powell. But he was reckoned too hot to handle by the Conservatives. It's one rotten barrel from top to bottom.

  2. Powell was a Churchillian figure and the best PM we never had, Derek.

  3. Derek, OR - John Enoch Powell is one of my greatest heroes.

    A diamond-hard intellect (his mother taught him Ancient Greek in about three weeks when he was about eleven, I believe), an unswerving dedication to his cause, the ability to see things in black and white (and I mean that in the visual sense, not racist) rather than the venal politician's eternal bloody grey - and those unflinching glittering eyes could see straight through Ted "Cabin Boy" Heath for exactly what he was.

    Even now, all these years after his death, I still long to hear someone - ANYONE - match that clipped, precise use of our mother tongue to destroy the blatant stupidity of the arseholes who infest the Palace of Westminster.

    Eeeeee Lad, the best is gone!

  4. Cameron's comments mean nothing just for the media which have picked it up like the lap-dogs they are. In the real world they have sold out the country and have been richly rewarded.

  5. Likewise, Powell was real hero, even 'they' could not get rid of him entirely as he found a bolt-hole in Ulster. If someone of similar stature arose today he would soon see off Camclegg and their metrosexual cronies.

  6. Ted's secret lovechild24 October 2010 at 13:37

    from The Telegraph...

    " When Edward Heath died, he left Arundells, his grand retirement home in Salisbury Cathedral Close, as a monument to his life and work. But so few people visited this dead museum to the man who took us into Europe that it will this week be closing its doors to the public for the last time. The beautiful house is now to be sold, thus returning it to the land of the living."

  7. Am I just being my old cynical self, OR, when I believe that the extra £900,000,000 tax demand from the EU is simply a ploy to make us think that Cameron is standing up to them on our behalf?

    Needless to say, if I'm correct, he would be allowed to win this point and come out of it as a "hero", adored and worshipped by the British people as a "cast iron" Prime Minister, his reputation as an EU sceptic restored...... hurrah!

    He won't get any cheering from me, that's for sure!

  8. Spidey, cynicism is a healthy state.