Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The capitulation.

It Looks Just Like A Surrender Signing!

I watched this clip and was amazed at the similarity of other scenes in history!


  1. Hesitated before writing anything here OR because I feared that the bile would flow, the familiar red mist would descend and naughty words would bubble up.

    I think of my uncles who fought through a six year long European war and who all came home safely. They are now no longer with us and in one way I am grateful. Grateful that they cannot see that the years one spent in prison camps, another spent marching through Italy and fighting in that slaughter that was Monte Cassino, another hauled off the sands at Dunkirk (two toes lost to frostbite, back on duty a week later) count as nothing with the weak wet excuses for men who - Lord knows how - have been elected to lead the nation. They would look upon these men and find them wanting.

    As these appalling pillocks indulge in perpetual prevarication, their preoccupation with point scoring, their cowardice when faced with what so obviously needs to be done (and would be done by better men) it shows them to be the treacherous arseholes some of us long suspected them to be.

    As I type this, Chris Bryant is holding forth upon the Idiot's Lantern. He really does have the sort of face you just couldn't stop hitting once you'd started.

    Come back Enoch - we need you!