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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

You're Worth It.

Or Are You?

I have always believed that individuals are very susceptible to images and easily led into emulating behaviour. I also believe that marketing, harnessed by politics, has long driven society to follow perceived and supposedly accepted behaviour. How else can we explain the loss of values in education, the slavish "designer" must have regardless, stupidity. I am not immune from the brainwashing and was happy to follow the work ethic and career paths for my own advancement, said to be "the way" in the fifties and sixties. Work hard, get a good job, buy a home, raise a family. Whilst doing all that I also succumbed to nice cars, clothes, travel and a reasonable expectation of comfort. I did also understand that any advancement needed to be rational, sensible, achievable and above all else, affordable. To be worth it was to earn it. Well, such potential independence was not good for the "market" or for votes. So relatively just existing was made to seem some fantastic success and individual responsibility became an undesirable trait that stood in the way of socialism. As the success of dumbing down seemed to work by putting money into the Bilderberger market place, so the politicians were guided into feeling special. Their "you're worth it" is the sycophancy, never pay for anything and sneer at all and sundry in between rare election dates, they do so well. They could start with less opulent G20 summits, luxury living and the like
We can change all this by saving and not doing as expected. Protest alone is not enough. Just embrace the if you can't afford it you can't have it and no, you're not special, common sense. None of us are special on our own but we are collectively on our decent days, when we think of others.


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  1. None of that lot are worth much regardless of "celebrity".