Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

You Can Tell There's No Election For A Few years.

This Despicable Parliament Of Cretins.

As this shower of Parliamentarians relax and enjoy our funded, luxury weekend, in their various country houses or illicit hideaway love nests and rent boy haunts, two more soldiers are killed in Afghanistan. How important is this to those MPs we elected just a short few weeks ago? The answer is shown in the picture above.
Why in the name of God and all decency do we have to continue to suffer the pathetic and weak morality of these grotesque and charlatan representatives. They are shameless opportunists and belong to a ruling elite made up off weaklings, traitors and to a man and woman, an undeserving cabal of weak and politically correct crap. Every single one lies, cheats, plots and scams a gullible party faithful until the moment they enter that place. That Devil's depository of shame and womb of sin that gives birth to a terrible offspring of arrogant nonentities blinded by their own self importance and deluded to a degree unbelievable to us mere morons. Nothing but nothing has changed. Just that the target has learnt a new camouflage technique.


  1. Bloody hell OR - I must look like a cat in a wind-tunnel after reading that splendid oration. It simply cannot be improved upon - I tip my hat in humble respect.

  2. You are, as ever, most kind, Caratacus.

  3. Westminster is always like that - the lazy tykes. I did <a href=">THIS</a> post back in february where <b>defence</b> questions was deserted...not as if there wa sa war on...oh, hang on a minute. 7 people on the government bench, a disgrace.

  4. damn...forgot the " to close the link!


  5. What makes it worse these traitors have handed over our country to the unelected EU politburo.
    Hanging to too quick for them when you think what they have done and they hung Lord Haw Haw for doing a radio broadcast during WW11.

  6. Wow: Powerful piece of writing there OR. I'm mightily impressed. Now I'll bring it down to my level.

    It is high time some of these lazy tossers went to work. It is high time there were fewer of them. It is high time that the government brought in a recall so that we could get rid of them if we found out they had told us a pile of lies to secure a job for 5 years that pays nearly 3 times the average wage and requires not one single qualification... and that starts at the top rate on the scale. it is high time that the "Palace" of Westminster lost its royal status and the laws of the land applied to MP and it's high time that some senior judge did away with the notion, for once and for all that these cheap nasty little twisters, from whichever house are in any way shape or form, above the law.

    They are MPs... not gods.

    Time that they shaped up.

    Right... that's it... you carry on being poetic... :)

    BTW: I like your plane, but does Mrs OR not object to that in her back garden?

  7. My solution would be a generous dose of Zyklon-B, delivered to a packed House, say during an debate on MP's expenses (so that one could be certain of maximum attendance) ..

    And then starting again from scratch ..

  8. Thank you all for your support. Tris, Mrs OR is happy about the plane if it earns money for the garden! SpanOws, enjoyed the link and thank you, too, for popping by. Captain, may I watch?

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