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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Yet Still......

Little Is Said Or Done.

Do you remember those pledges just last May about a war cabinet/footing? Well, there seems little evidence that it exists or if it does, cares. We meander on into the future allowing death and terrible injury to our Armed Forces and untold but huge numbers of civilian casualties to build ever greater monuments to our political classes and their profiteering Bilderberger pals greed and stupidity. That even before the deprivation and taxation needed now to pay for it all. Let alone the debt we shall have for generations to come. How I loathe these politicians who so readily embrace the greed and lust for power and money. Just watch in the next few years, Commie Cable join the same hypocritical ranks, peppered with the  likes of the Bliars, Kinnochios and Prezzas. Nothing ever changes. The posturing, the egotistical celebrity pleasure and the Macbeth posturing and signification. Never mind, I think I'll go somewhere more enjoyable . Perhaps try and hitch a ride on these moronic bandwagons of ineptitude.

As for the picture above, bet it's similar to the guys who shot down a helicopter a couple of days ago. That won't be reported, just you see. Mechanical failure?


  1. We seem to have dropped coverage the on-going killing and chaos that is Iraq - the country where we claim to have brought 'democracy' and a better life than under Saddam. According to too many reports life, equality and health conditions are now far worse than before - - Iraq, The Age of Darkness.

    Most of the articles in this pretty unbiased publication would break your heart and their recent articles on NWO and US Imperialism are thought-provoking to say the least.

    We may squirm at the potential threat of paying double for our future oil - we only pay money the Iraqis paid with something much more precious.

    "War Cabinet" OR? Dream on.

  2. Hi, Clarinda, Cameroncon said he would have a war cabinet but then he SAID a lot of things.