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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Why we are in the Ess Aitch 1 Tee!

The Picture From The Blair Time In Office.

What ironic and disparate fun old "HSOG" (honest sort of guy) stories doing the rounds this morning. For thirteen years bloggers read, to a tee, the dreadful manner this Nation was governed by a crowd of psychopaths, thickos and unstable, unintelligent posers. It was said by myself and many others that Snotty blackmailed his way into number 10 and now we have it from the Donkey's mouth. I love the fact that Bliar's feelings from first hand experience were mirrored in blogs and pooh poohed by the chatterati. That last point also highlights the MSM and BBC collusion in hiding through three elections how bad things were at the top of Labours' dung heap. We all now realise how their incompetence was allowed to fester. Also we see how dreadful that fat slob and misogynist, Lord of The Pies, really, really was. Just remember, through all of this, your pension and your kids' futures were squandered, wars entered into and hundreds of thousands died and continue to suffer and die as a legacy of this buffoons tenure. Whilst he signs up to the Bilderberger mega rich club, the labour Party are shown for their cowardice, infighting and nastiness.

One worrying thing, though, is the cretins endorsement of Cameron. Now that is as scary as Prescott's rise to his abusive power and now peerage. Disgusting doesn't even come close.


  1. The Arch Traitor's endorsement could simply be a means to undermine DC's position...

    Anyway, I saw this and thought of you...

    Certainly food for thought.

  2. I was going to do a post on this, but you beat me to it, and I have to say, made a far better job of it than I would have.

    A superb analysis.

    It is scary how incompetent these people were, and how inompetent their successors are.

    I think I would say that Mr Blair's admiration for Mr Cameron is genuine and heart felt. Two peas from the same pod.

    They just found slightly different ways of getting to the top.

  3. Thank you, Atlas and Tris you are too kind and unnecessarily modest!

  4. Spot on, OR. Blair is shameless. You mention his endorsement of Cameron and the coalition's economic policies - who can forget Cameron leading the standing ovation for Blair when he left the HoC for the last time. That was a warning. We're still embarked on the Third Way - same destination, different route.

  5. I'm afraid we are, GV. Same route as Peter P's for The Foreign Secretary, by the looks of it.

  6. Interesting that you should choose that particular picture OR ..

    As I have a coffee mug, bearing the face of B'Liar .. which, when filled with hot water, causes the nose to extend round the entire mug ..

    As for Mrs Hague's little lad, who (apart from the fragrant Ffion, who possibly isn't getting her fair share of Willie) cares whether he might, or might not be a Chutney Ferret .. from recent events, I'm coming to believe that the odd ones out in the political world are those who aren't Uphill Gardeners or Rug Munchers ..

  7. I'm not (being a tad on the innocent side) overly sure what uphill gardeners, rug munchers or chutney ferrets are... but I'm assuming, given the context, that they are niks for various different sexual "deviances", (whatever a deviance may be considered to be...)

    As a psychologist I'd suggest that perhaps a personality that supports the ambition, determination and ruthlessness that go hand in glove with being a top level politician, (or top level anything else) also goes hand in glove with a strong sex drive.

    Strong sex drives usually have an appetite for a wide variety of sexual practices....

    So the idea that the ones who are not any of the things that Mr Haddock proposes, are in the minority would seem to have some scientific basis.

  8. Tris, are you suggesting that homosexuality is a deviance? I remember being harangued for saying it is out of the norm. If not, then the norm is not norm!

  9. I don't think I was OR.

    When it comes to sexual taste or practice I doubt if there is a norm.

    There is, I suppose, the sort of "norm" that we vaguely have in our heads of going up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire and doing it in the dark without taking off most of our clothes.... being only for the man's gratification and no kissing or anything like that....

    ....close your eyes and think of England type of thing.... and only ever untill there are 2 children. Then that nasty side of the marriage can end...

    That's why I put "deviances" in "".

    I suspect it is only in the UK that we have these notions, and it's all down to fathers emabrrassingly explaining sex to teenage boys, using bananas and talking about birds and bees... and coughing lots... (well that was my experience anyway).

    Tandis qu' en France....

  10. Hi, Tris. You know I'm almost as tongue in cheek as your good self! Bananas indeed!

  11. Hum yes... indeed OR....:)