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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wallace Is The New Supreme Leader.

Or Is He?

So Wallace nicks the Snotty headband and spoils Mrs Clinton's toy boy coronation. His first act is to write in The Telegraph how much he and his closest minders adore, nay worship, the "squeezed" middle classes. The silly prat doesn't realise that they no longer exist. Squeezed out by every Government since Maggie. The whole political class thinks that somehow "growth" is round the corner and a new dawn of prosperity will emerge. From where? Pensions ruined, savings nicked, inflation rampant and a complete ignorance of priorities. Such as getting us out of Afghanistan and stopping the rape of our Country by the EU. Still the collapse of our economic wealth will be good news for the left and their dreams of a Soviet regime. Welcome, Red Wallace!


  1. I see you've been missing your visits to the Cheerful Clinic again OR!

    For myself, I've been casting the runes, carefully inspecting goat entrails and sacrificing virgins this morning, and I've had a vision: we are going to be led from the darkness by an inspirational leader who will be somewhat to the right of Alaric the Visigoth; he will drive forth from the kingdom the unwelcome, the uninvited and the generally objectionable. This will be done swiftly and with great resolve. Amongst their number may be traffic wardens and speed trap enforcers, VOSA roadside wankers and 5-a-day outreach counsellors - this mistake will not be rectified.
    The new empire of Yurp will be told to fuck off and stop stealing from us. The Emperor of America will be told that the days of British subservience to American stupidity are at an end and, henceforth we will mend our relationships with our truest friends of the old Commonwealth - if they’ll have us.

    Taxes will be reduced and government spending reduced in parallel. Our Armed Forces will be stabilized and expanded where necessary. An immediate pay rise for all non-commissioned ranks to bring them into line with feather-bedded policemen will be instituted.....

    I’m sorry – the vision is fading. I must try and find another virgin........

  2. Sounds like a plan. When do you want to start?

  3. Ah Caratacus, such a wonderful dream! Sadly about half the voters are decerebrate enough to vote socialist today tomorrow or next year. Conditioned out of their tiny skulls by sixty years of suicidal ideation they cannot be reprogrammed. They were taught to destroy as much of our industry as was possible, destroy education for all, destroy the family, and destroy christianity. With the foundation undermined the population cannot now be turned around. You Sir, are wasting good virgins!

  4. @Anonymous - apologies. One of the virgins was called Fag Ash Lil and was wearing more than a hint of mascara. Perhaps that's why the vision faded so quickly.......

  5. Caratacus. I know the one! Fine girl...Fine girl. But still...

  6. All virgins are wasted, except on me! Cracking dream. I'm with Atlas and the superb writings of Caratacus and Anon. Very welcome cheer!