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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Unions Unite To......................

To Prove Reincarnation?

Once upon a time there was a terrific movement engendered to overthrow the excesses of a ruling class. Then came a world war and so much changed. It became no longer about fairness and decency. It became a passion for the left to take over our lives and make us all slaves to a new order. One led by the brutish thickos of the modern Trade Union dinosaurs, slurping their soup and flaunting their lack of grace through the corridors of power and the restaurants and suites of the finest hotels. You know what? Give me The Bilderbergers any day. At least they have a semblance of style and class. This crowd of Union charlatans have as much the interest of the Country at heart, as Hitler and Ilsa did the Jews. Loathsome wreckers and the SS of Labour and the left.


  1. OT but I found Bloggers "new" edit down this morning. Saved the day reverting to the old "edit", soon to be scrapped system.

  2. OR off the topic but at top right on your page..."can the New Wold Order be reisted"...whats reisted???have you missed an s perhap'...

  3. Hi, Indy, error not correctable now voting underway!