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Monday, 20 September 2010

Too Thick To Lie Down?

The Unbelievable Gall.

"Sarah Brown: maternal health gap 'one of the greatest injustices'
Wife of former PM talks to Guardian ahead of development summit about campaign to end maternal mortality."

Silly me, I had hoped we'd seen the back of these people in our faces. Now, over above above all else, does this honorary member of the Bilderberger pudding club, (President Lord Patten not to make old bones) not remember her crowd and beloved closet kiddy fiddler, were in power for 13 endless, grinding, bankrupting years? Delusion seems to be no friend of decency, does it? Still you can remove the PR but you can't take it out of the woman. This will be part of his preparation for a standing ovation at the labour Delusion Fest shortly. Lest we forget, eh?


  1. That arse is well corseted, otherwise.......

  2. Cheers OR,...It's my wallpaper now.

    It truly is a delight to the eye. Compliments to Mrs OR once again! She sure is a dab hand at the old gardening malarkie!!

    Thanks a lot. I'm chuffed you did that!

  3. She fulfilled the same roll as Rock Hudson 'wife' that's why they got a PR person for the position.

  4. Funny you should mention that cos Gordon Brown's political career has as much life in it as Rock Hudson!

  5. Tris, my pleasure and will do. Anon, thanks for the excellent RH reference and Atlas for the response!