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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Today's the Day!

We Learn Who.....?

...........out of this sad but dangerous bunch of morons is to be the next multi-millionaire to be, leader of The Liebour Party. Now I still think it's all smoke and mirrors and that banana man Millipede was always to be the "man". One thing is for sure, we shall have a new hate figure to poke and whose hypocrisy we  can highlight every second of every day. Just remember, all, everyone of them, are part of the decades of decay, failure and debt we now all share. A society and a Country beggared, over populated and disparate and desperate. A place where to be old is a fearful and terrible cell of misery and deprivation. I doubt it will ever recover. Under the next Labour leader that is a given, were they ever to steal power again. Be warned.

1800hrs. It's Wallace! Oh Joy!

Something happened to deprive Banana and spoil the succession. Now if Harpy gets dumped, hee ho!


  1. That “something” OR, was a resurgence of the grim, blinkered Marxist ideologues who have been waiting for their chance to retake control of the Labour party. The fleeting effects of the Febreze air-freshener have waned and the bad smell upon the landing has regained the upper hand.

    My suspicions were first aroused a few weeks ago when I heard Viscount Stansgate eulogising Millipede the younger and damning the senior with faint praise.

    However, be of good cheer OR, at least the socialshits will be out of office for a wee while yet. If only we had a real right wing government instead of this pinko rabble we’ve been landed with...

    Still – there’s a bottle of Grouse in the cabinet whose siren voice has been beckoning seductively these minutes past, so – if you’ll excuse me as I haul myself upright (with a sound like a crackle of musketry) .....