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Thursday, 23 September 2010


Towards Dictatorship.

This picture could well be of a future holiday snap of The Millipedes. Since the resounding rejection of Labour, in 1987, the Unions and Labour set about their placement strategies. The same historic methods were employed by the aristocracy or dynasties similar to that which exists in North Korea today. You recruit avid and blindly obedient fools, to place in Council Offices and quasi Governmental jobs and throughout the civil service machinery. From Doctors to cleaners you set about laying a fifth column, Trojan horse army to ensure that you exercise power even when temporarily deprived of the trappings. This work is also subordinated to the dream of a new World Order of elite but left wing ideologues. Any brief rise of people unrest or momentary stirring of disagreement is easily swatted with a client Lord Haw Haw media. Bear in mind that if you are part of the enormous wealth available in this NWO, how the ordinary Eloys are treated is of no consequence. Well that's the plan.
When the Chinese people, with a gene pool of intelligence second to none, get into the Internet big time, the whole house of cards will come crashing down. Sadly the forgotten Iraqi and Afghanistan peoples and the deaths of the associated invaders will be just one of those minor historical blips the Bilderbergers and their Communist foot soldiers so readily forget. Pol Pot of tea, anyone?
By the way the "surprise" election of Banana Man to be announced soon. What will he give Gromit as an award for the smoke screen flotilla? My money is on stinking bishop!!

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  1. Oligarchic collectivism (I assume that is the system you allude to) is of neither right nor left but of power.

    Sadly many people seem eager to give up the power to think for themselves in exchange for the promise of an easy life.

    Ah well, as the old song says, you never miss the water til the well runs dry.