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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Oh Dear.

Yesterday' Post......

.............Ostensibly praising Stephen Green's Cabinet appointment with a mild caveat that this was a wonderful bit of altruism in our NWO state of subjugation. Thanks to Odin's Raven, I came across this, 

"Green will remain head of the HSBC in Britain until the end of the year, thus maintaining his position as high ranking bankster whilst preparing to dictate economic policy. Is this a conflict of interest? Or, is it just an arrogant display of power by the real Establishment? He is to be made a member of the House of Lords to cement his position in Government. How 'democratic'!"  

A NWO is being built, with a similar belief sold by the EU mantra. Bind a ruling elite together and no more wars administered by a dominant, all powerful clique. I see little difference here to the aims of Napoleon, Hitler and all other despots from history. Only that the Bilderberger club is using economic dominance rather than military. The result, as we see happening right now, is the enslavement of the rest of us through mass migration policies and the watering down of national boundaries, religions and allegiances. No matter how you dress it up, it's slavery of the masses. Again, as in history, the eventual outcome will be destruction. A destruction that will dwarf the two "world" wars of the 20th century. Why? because club members always eventually fall out. So my war cry is "wake up" and prevent this going any further people. Or see no future for your children and their children other than the conflagration necessary to restore the independence of the human spirit. Maybe the Chinese people will show the way forward is not how their Bilderbergers subdued Tibet whilst the rest of "the club" allowed it to go unchecked. A good example of the Bilderberger currency, enslavement. Also as seen right here, on our doorstep, in the guise of The EU.



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  2. Sorry, cocked up the first time :)

    The proles have all been conditioned.

    We have a whole generation of them, uneducated, dependent and lazy.

    Imagine what a mess this country is going to be in once they're running the economy.

  3. The EU is progressive, modern, centrist and vital to future United Kingdom interests.

    Europe has so much to offer us Brits old Rightie! For example, when on a European students education course abroad [in Constantinople] I realised just how important it is. Before that experience, two years ago I was deeply eurosceptic. Now I realise the wider socio-political arguments.

    NWO? Conspiracy theory nonsense surely?

  4. Interesting perspective Dean. Who paid for the education course in Constantinople? If it was the EU then surely you have weakened your own case? It would show that you amended your views after suckling at the teat of EU finance...surely not?
    People are genuinely worried that the EU is merely the first step towards a European superstate and that their questions are either ignored or ridiculed does nothing to calm them.
    Lastly I disagree profoundly that to tie ourselves to the EU is in our best interests. The UK stands in a unique position in the world. Neither wholey of europe or entirely with America, we could be so much more. We could be THE financial capital of the world. Perhaps this is the reason that Cameron was in India recently and calling for Turkeys admission to the EU?
    We have lost our empire, but we don't need to lose our country!

  5. Dean is a prime example of Sue's comment.

  6. Now now, Spidey...
    Dean has made a very important point. The EU is indeed progressive, modern, centrist and, of course, vital to future United Kingdom interests. All our EU representatives work diligently on our behalf with scarcely a thought for their own interests. I will now lick this window, num, num, num

  7. Sadly the Bilderbergers have not yet found a way to undermine the religion of peace, although they have made great strides with the religions of western society.

  8. FB, they have made great strides but Islam is proving to oily so far!