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Friday, 3 September 2010

No Pay.

Why Not?

          Peace Corps trainees swearing in as volunteers in Madagascar, 26 April 2006. 

Why not make MPs more like Councillors, paid only for the time spent on official duties and then only expenses? Now the argument will be made that only the better off can then afford to be MPs. Well, that sure as hell does not happen in Town Halls, does it? Just think of the cost savings and better still, the leveling down. No more fat salaries, pompous superiority and pretty well a general desire to do something for others as opposed to the selfish, greedy people who chase the celebrity status of todays political landscape. Now were that to mean that MPs came into the job from a background of reality and work, rather than the career politicos straight from school, chambers or bed chambers, surely we might witness a far better world? It might even be possible to prevent ministers from milking us all dry, prior to swanning off, leaving chaos, death and poverty in their wake.  Not only does that happen but lots of them then write books about how well they did robbing the poor blind, in order to feather their own many, multi-million pound nests. Yup, volunteers are what we need. Not wannabe fat cats and bankers mates.


  1. "No more fat salaries, pompous superiority" ..

    I don't know which Council you have the dubious privelege of living under OR ..

    But the over-paid, under-worked, useless shower of shit who steal my Council Tax ought not to be trusted with anything more complicated than chewing gum ..

  2. Mine isn't a Labour Council, Captain! Mind you they have, like most, very well paid placements from the last Government machine.

  3. Interesting idea, I do feel that there ought to be far stricter criteria to becoming a politician than simply a desire to make money and shag your secretary.
    For those who seek the highest office, there should be psych tests!

  4. Few of the present 600 plus would go for the tests, Atlas.

  5. Because few of the 650 would pass!

  6. I think the problem is that councillors' salaries were brought into line with MPs some time ago. They were re-named and re-branded at great expense to the local taxpayer - all for their own vanity and greed.

    "I do feel that there ought to be far stricter criteria to becoming a politician than simply a desire to make money and shag your secretary." :-) Nice one.

  7. And so the wheel grinds shudderingly full circle...

    I think this is how it used to be OR. MPs were unpaid volunteers who took a few hours out at the end of their working day to guide the affairs of the nation, ensure the poor had work and food, and kept Johnny bloody Foreigner on his toes.

    Anyway, because I am an all round good egg and because I have come to like and respect all my friends on this site, I have trawled the interwebby thing - for ages - for an article I read some time ago and which may prove of interest.

    Andrew Alexander is one of the very few reasons I bother to read the Daily Snail these days. If only he wrote a blog!

  8. The shiftless wankers whom I have the undoubted misfortune to live under aren't Labour either OR ..

    They're fucking LimpDumbs ... and despite my voting to the contrary on every possible occasion, they keep being re-elected ..

    But, in return for my Council Tax, they do keep the flower beds & round-abouts looking nice ..

  9. Pay the fuckers £30k and crack down on exes. In fact there should be no-one in the Public Sector making more than £50k at the most. Why should someone running a oouncil get twice or three times what the PM does?