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Monday, 6 September 2010

Is The World Getting Hungrier?

It Most Certainly Is.

"Mozambique police fired rubber bullets and teargas at demonstrators on Friday as rioting flared in the capital following two days of protests over high bread prices in which ten people were killed and hundreds wounded. A 30 percent rise in the price of bread has caused widespread anger in one of the world's poorest countries, but the government has said it is helpless in the face of soaring global wheat prices."
This New World Order sucks, does it not? The one thing they refuse to understand is that population growth is the greatest threat to our future. Not only is this ignored, we are about to host the Papal visit of a religion about as deluded and as blind to that threat as any other branch of The NWO Mafia. At the same time our Labour Government in sheep's clothing bleats its wimp like mantra that sounds different in tone but is identical in language, to the previous bunch of useless cretins. All of them with as much courage as running scared Phony Tony. Still thee is a possibility he might have got the message. I doubt it but we can hope, can't we!


  1. Asia accounts for over 60% of the world population with almost 3.8 billion people. China and India together have about 40 percent of the world's population. Africa follows with 840 million people, 12% of the world's Population.

    Europe's 710 million people make up 11% of the world's population. North America home to 514 million (8%), South America 371 million (5.3%), and Australia to 21 million (0.3%).

    Those living in poor countries need to control their populations. Even here in the UK, we need to stop paying for chav's with 12 kids! If the welfare system insisted that we would only support 2 or 3 children, that would stop this from happening. Likewise, third world countries need to discourage people from having so many offspring!

  2. Agree with you absolutely Sue... however, regarding your recommendation that "third world countries need to discourage people from having so many offspring", I would respectfully observe that we have about as much chance of that happening as we would if we asked a sycamore to stop producing whirly things or implored the local rabbit population to spare a thought for the poor souls in the council housing list.

    Malthus said the only controlling factors of a population of any animal are war, famine or disease. I have the dreadful notion that we will see if his theory is correct well within our lifetimes.

    Apart from all that - aren't there a lot of slugs in the garden recently?

  3. Hi, both. Sue, how's tricks? Caratacus, never mind slugs, we've got tons of fruit!

  4. The most effective way to control fertility in humans is female education. May I respectfully suggest we scrap our aid program and start again? Train teachers from the fecund parts of the world and pay their salaries to go back and teach those girls.

  5. Ironically mankind fulfills the criteria needed to be classed as an endangered species! Lack of food, changing environment and so on.
    Now that somebody has gone and mentioned him (peers over specs at Caratacus) Malthusian theories have gone a long way to influence the formation of both the Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21.
    You might be interested in the Georgia guide stones OR, especially that bit where it mentions population. If the people who put them up had there way, over crowding will be the least of our concerns.

    Oh and by the way, aren't plums cheap?

  6. Atlas, this glut of fruit could cause major problems with our sewerage system. Thanks for the pointers.
    Anon has an interesting take on the issue and not wide of the mark, even in these so called enlightened times.