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Monday, 27 September 2010

Inheritance taxation.

A Socialist And Chatterati Scandal.

It is said today that the BBC Panorama programme is to "reveal" the steps taken by Lord Ashcroft to avoid millions in tax before changing his UK status. Now he also said his children would not inherit and should expect to make their own way in the world. He also places millions into charities of his choosing rather than trust our debauched and gorged with our money State to spend his cash on offices, expense allowances and dining bankers. My pension fund gets walloped to the tune of 47% if I depart suddenly, leaving a sorry amount to Mrs OR. The consequences of this have led hundreds of thousands to see their future care become dictated by the State and the benefit culture. It is the economics of hypocrisy and spite which causes anyone unable to fight the tax regime hammered to extinction and wealth belong only to the State and its plundering, mercenary ruling classes. It is a sickening system and those able to avoid this theft are the crusaders fighting back. If ever I were able to protect my families future and financial independence I would grab at that opportunity with some fervour. Why should the useless State fritter away any potential national wealth via the theft from private and sensible spending and saving individuals? Oh, of course, they have Banks and bankers to bail out. Silly me. Here, take everything I have, with one favour. May I be allowed to watch you piss it all away. Hateful, hateful ruling classes.


  1. They hound you when alive and your kin after you die. Tax is only for the "little folk" of course.

  2. OR you sound surprised that they have their hand in your pocket!

  3. I'm not surprised, Atlas but tax still pisses me off!