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Thursday, 30 September 2010

How Easily They Forget.

Our Great Intervention In Iraq.

A Transparency International Report states that the corruption in Iraq will probably become "the biggest corruption scandal in history".[10] And as the U.S. draws down in Iraq, it is leaving behind hundreds of abandoned or incomplete projects. More than $5 billion in American taxpayer funds has been wasted — more than 10 percent of the some $50 billion the U.S. has spent on reconstruction in Iraq, according to audits from a U.S. watchdog agency. From, (With thanks from Clarinda for the link). Do read.

The chosen picture highlights the terrible suffering of the Iraqi people. The text, the cost of this stupidity in the losses really behind our Western economic failure. Just remember the wealth, status and power of the Labour Government and all who connived together with them, to bring this about. Not for them the disastrous consequence and declining standards we are to be given or the decades of abject poverty meted out to the Iraqi people. What is the prevailing constant of the human condition? Ignorant, spoilt brats with a passion to tell us all how wonderful and deserving they are of power. Career despots in the guise of a misnomer called politicians. Desperate to tell the rest of us and in the precise manner we are to tug our forelocks as we hand over our unfair and enormous tax levy.
We should pull out of Afghanistan and set up a levy on those Bankers, Global Corporations and individuals who raped these countries. That money, together with reparations drawn from every corrupt, CIA backed and Bliar foundation trust, Bilderbergers and gangsters to be given to every area of those blighted nations buggered by the West and The East. Suddenly I feel a slight stirring for Bin Laden's cause. It would be a wholesale endorsement if he stuck to his own peoples' solutions and left us to sort out our own Saddams and Gomorrah.. More lamposts please. 


  1. Atlas shrugged.

  2. I watched the first night they bombed Baghdad when it was shown on TV. Shown with PRIDE (oh aren't we clever)and I thought, 'these are the people we're meant to be liberating - or at least so Tony Blair claims - at this rate, there isn't going to be anyone left to be liberated'. Considering what we've done in both Iraq & Afghanistan I think we've been very lucky there haven't been more terrorist attacks here. But Blair will never pay the price for what he's done.

  3. The shrug is coming. We shall see how long the Great British public can tolerate being treated like idiots before we...shrug. Before we say "Enough!!!"