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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Good News?

An Unpaid Minister.

It has been reported that HSBC (NYSE:HBC) chairman, Stephen Green, is going to become The UK Trade Minister and that his post will be unpaid. Should this be true, that he is to be unpaid, then the contrast with Lord Peter Pederast will be stark indeed. As Union gang master, Brendan Mao Barber screams riots and violence and preaches hatred of all things non-communist, an individual pops up to highlight my post of just a few days ago. I hope this becomes a trend and more people become unpaid ministers than paid. After all, many of the coalition cabinet are very wealthy indeed and we are supposed to be all in this together. So come on, follow this altruism. If you are worth 5 million plus, give us five years of good example and real service. That alone would spit in the ugly face of the Union trough mongers and their riches creamed at their members' and our Country's expense.


  1. Nice one, but here's another view which is also interesting.

  2. Hi, Odin's feathered pal. "Should this be true...". I guess it was as well I put a caveat in. Your link implies The Bilderbergers have seduced the Reds, too. That is very scary bad news.

  3. The funny thing is that we have been so beaten down by years of bad government, that when somebody does something decent and worthwhile it becomes newsworthy!
    How sad that we should all gasp at the mere thought that somebody in government should display any degree of altruism.
    should this be true...