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Sunday, 5 September 2010

General Spoke to The Opposition.

Snotty Malign, Phony Gutless.

Before we dismiss General Dannat's words because he attempted to get The Opposition to oppose Labour, (shock horror by Blinky and the rump of the shit Labour Party, ) let us reflect on what these two malignant schoolboys presided over. An illegal, expensive and ruinous intervention in Iraq without the cash to do the job. That exposed troops to all manner of danger above and beyond. Then we did the same in Afghanistan, only worse. Labours' trademark. Screw something badly then forget it ever happened. Like our once superb pension schemes now trampled to nothing.
I cannot fathom how these cretins in Labour can do Prescott, Kinnock peerages and largess without one flicker of shame at the hypocritical evil they represent. Soldiers die their families suffer, nations are ruined at will and economies blasted to hell and the chutzpah fueled by delusion gets ever more phenomenal. If it's not socialist it is ergo wrong, dismissed and forgotten. Yet even as a retired General tells us, from the very heart of our blighted establishment, that it was worse than awful, death and maiming was and remains dismissed by the clowns that passed themselves off as special. People who even now strut around as though still important, huffing and puffing about phone tapping and attempts to find out if they really could be as terrible as we knew in our hearts they not only were but still are. Socialism, an ever present danger that pollutes our politics and shames our Country. Well done the demonstrators in Dublin. Come on, London, show what we really think about Labour and their joker from Gotham City, Bliar.


  1. I think they can do all that because they are politicians and they live in a world quite apart from the one we inhabit.

    They are rich and cosseted; people call them “minister” and “sir” and defer to their every wish.

    They begin to believe what they hear, which is all good, all deference, all how clever they are.

    No one ever says “you stupid b*****d, what did you do that for?”

    One of my friends works for an organisation that Blair was to visit during his premiership. He was told to dress up for the occasion, and what he could say to the PM... He is a middle aged man and he was told what he could say to the elected prime minister... his servant!!!!!

    It isn’t party sensitive. Another friend worked for a company to be visited by Ian Lang before he was an aristocrat, when he was plain Mr Scottish secretary (and managed to disengage himself for Mrs Thatcher’s bottom). My pal was told to wear his best suit and not to say anything to the god, sorry minister, unless he was spoken to....

    That is why they become detached. They live in a world of sycophancy. Try thinking about what that does to you...

    As for Dannet, just like Jock Stirrup, the criticism only comes after they leave office and they sell their story.

    I believe that they fight their corner in office, but they do so with one eye on their pension and their elevation to nobility. And it has been said that these (Prime Ministers) are tough people to fall out... well yes, but then we are talking about the head of the Army here. Is he not supposed to be a bit tough too? If not, be afraid!

    If I were in that situation, commanding an army, I just could not send them to war (unless of course it was an invasion situation) without them being properly equipped. How on Earth could a human being do that?

    My very public resignation would be on the PM’s desk. My ennoblement and my pension might be in the bin, but at least I’d still have my self respect.

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  3. I share your anger. It makes me feel sick to think of the betrayal of our soldiers.

    I agree, well done the people of Dublin, but nothing will dent the self satisfaction of Blair. Nothing.

  4. "but at least I’d still have my self respect." - Unfortunately you're one of a dying breed, more's the pity...

    "They are rich and cosseted; people call them “minister” and “sir” and defer to their every wish."

    The EU is even worse. I've been visiting the Albion Alliance's new blog which lists a whole stack of EU publications, and was initially bemused by the references to "HR Catherine Ashton". Is she now Royalty, I wondered? No, but HR stands for "High Representative".....

  5. This latest load of tosh from the EUSSR made me spit coffee over the laptop. How long before we have armed EU checkpoints asking "Vere are ze papers?"


  6. Tris, nicely put but my understanding is that obedience to Her Majesty's Ministers of The Crown is, ergo, loyalty to The Queen. So going against the bastards is tantamount to treason. Angela, nice to have you drop by and thank you for making it worth blogging. As for HR Ashton, an incompetent mare from the same stable, probably literally, as Beckett. Atlas, our slavery to the EU gets ever closer whilst Cameron coos over his privileged new born as millions of others face penury and dictatorship.

  7. I take your poit OR.

    One idea would have been to go to the Queen directly.

    People like him can get to see her or write a letter thus:

    May it please Your Majesty

    Your First Lord of the Treasury has ordered me to take troops into Afghanistan at your Majesty’s behest. This I am happy to do. However he has granted me too few troops and too little money to complete the task to the standards set. As a result Your Majesty’s troops will be wounded and die unnecessarily.

    I seek Your Majesty’s advice as to how to proceed.

    I am Your Majesty’s most humble and obedient subject

  8. "Socialism, an ever present danger that pollutes our politics and shames our Country". Indeed OR.

    As currently pursued by Cameron and Clegg I reluctantly observe. Indeed, the almost Marxist EUSSR seems to tighten its grip even on supposedly Conservative (and Unionist) politicians.

    We will look back on this last summer much as our elders (+ betters) did upon that idyllic summer of 1914. What followed then was the loss of the brightest, the best, and most courageous of a generation, the consequences of which we continue to see to this day.

    Think I'll diversify into scrap-metal...

  9. " ...nicely put but my understanding is that obedience to Her Majesty's Ministers of The Crown is, ergo, loyalty to The Queen. So going against the bastards is tantamount to treason" ..

    OR ... purely out of interest .. that just prompted me to some "rootling" about & dig out my old Certificate of Attestation ..

    The exact wording of which is as follows ..

    "I ..... swear by Almighty God, that I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, In person, Crown, and Dignity against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, and of the Generals and Officers set over me. So help me God.

    That Attestation was sworn on the Bible & has the same legal gravity as an Oath sworn in Court ..

    Nowhere does it make mention of Politicians, Prime Ministers or Ministers ..

  10. C, if you go into scrap-metal, guess what? You will need EU permits and licences. What a suprise.

  11. FH - You're just trying to cheer me up aren't you?

    (Totters off to bed singing, "No income tax, no VAT, no money back, no guarantee...")

  12. All joking aside Caratacus .. if one can manage it, that's the way to live ..

    The EUSSR & the Coagulation might still be able to fuck you around .. but at least one wouldn't be paying for the "privilege" ..

  13. Hi, troops, been denied internet access until now, for some 36 hours! Thanks for the usual smashing input.