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Friday, 24 September 2010

Eroticism versus Pornography.

Does Anyone care?

For many years I have observed with some disappointment the growth of and ease of, availability of pornography on the Internet. The liberal argument goes that foul language or pornographic imagery become less an offensive issue, if common place. Once any shock element is removed, goes the theory, then the usage fades and it becomes very ordinary and un-influential on behaviour.
I profoundly disagree. Whilst the chatterati get excited over their perceived offering to the world of art and sensuality here, ,  the real world continues to reel from the terrible, misogynistic and at times violent and graphic imagery that is now a tsunami of depravity throughout the Internet.
Now before I get accused of a Mary Whitehouse style of outrage let me make this point. I was brought up to believe that the male approach to women and sexual intimacy was brutish and unwelcome to the fairer half of the equation. This is not helped to be altered by the dietary offerings so readily available. Thus men of all ages and background are led into a murky and dangerous mindset that has little understanding of the reality of eroticism and the power of gentle understanding. It is, in many ways, giving the world a savagery that centuries have seen many nations endeavour to sway to for the better.
Is there an answer? I believe there is. It lies in a movement, led by women, to sell eroticism acceptable to the masses and to create an awareness and realisation that sexual activity is not meant to be a brutal subjugation of the female by a grotesque and ignorant dominance of the least attractive and decent members of the male stupidity classes. More intelligence and art, less sex for sale.


  1. Pornography is when you watch it. Art is when I watch it.

  2. Eroticism is making use of a feather during foreplay ...

    Pornography is using the whole chicken ..