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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Cynical Defence.

Our Decline Continues.

The Government are wrestling with a debt mountain of quite unimaginable proportions. So huge the creators of that tsunami have no understanding of their failure. Ask Wallace.
However as sacred cows are brought to the abattoir to face the cruelty of what is soon to become the standard and barbaric Halal death, defence of The Realm hits the headlines.
Cynically I consider there is some spin or reason for this today. We have new faces round the Cabinet talking shop but they are still the (muppets) puppets of the mandarin class. Since that bunch of faceless suckers at the tax payers teat were very successful in helping Labour screw us, I doubt their methods are changed. I digress. 
My thinking today is this. How can we be at war and publicly or privately talk of defence cuts? 
Now if we said we can't afford to be at war, if we realised the politicians have imported more terrorists into the UK and elsewhere, through EU diktat, then defence becomes a whole new ball game.
For this simpleton it looks like this. There will always be rogue states and a significant capability to defend ourselves against them imperative. However why have a nuclear deterrent which will never be used? If deterrence works why no capital punishment? 
Now, thanks to a bunch of power hungry and self righteous, career politicians of the Millipede ilk and Snotty Bliar persuasion, not to mention the rest of the shower of muppets that call themselves Ministers, now and in the past,  we have thousands of extremists, paid handsomely by US to operate from their tax funded housing right in the very heart of our towns and cities.

So our defence has to be fought on two fronts. My wish? No more useless campaigns in countries we could and never could win a war. Our soldiers are needed here, ready to tackle threats within our shores as well as from beyond. Nuclear deterrent must be real. If Afghanistan, Iran or any other "an" wants to get heavy, then what's the problem. Toe the line or swap munitions. After all their race to be first to have a very large pop is still on. Al Quaeda is a strong competitor in that race. Has our presence in Afghanistan caused them to withdraw from the competition? I doubt it but we shall have to wait until they turn up with a device in London, won't we, to know how good our defence never was.


  1. Afghanistan's hardly been mentioned in the past weeks has it? It's as if politicians want it to vanish into some sea, but of course there's no sea handy.

    It's a little like a serious food shortage yet we continue to export the good stuff. Bad analogy but you know what I mean I hope.

  2. Just seen this in the comments section of the Telegraph (re. Fox v. Cameron on defence cuts). I hope you won't mind if I copy it in full - it speaks volumes...

    "I voted Conservative at the last General Election and have watched the progress of the coalition with much interest (and hope) as it seeks to exercise the governance of this country, but I am currently feeling that they have lost the plot.
    Last night I got home from work and my husband, a member of the Armed Forces for the last 28 years, was sat at our table looking utterly despondant. When I asked him what was the matter he looked at me and said, I am being sent on draft. Without proper notice he is expected to relocate to some god forsaken dump, at our expense and fend for himself, whilst living in dire 'accommodation' doing a job he has not been trained to do, that normally people of much higher rank have difficulty doing - but on a higher salary.
    There has been no consideration of the effect upon him as a person, a family man, or as a long serving, faithful member of the Armed Forces. In essence he is being treated like s**t and by default, so am I.
    We have had years of making do with horrendous deployments, horrible accommodation your local council would not let out and having to cope with poor pay for the work done and you know what Mr Cameron, we are on the verge of leaving you and shambolic management of the MOD, Armed Services to it.
    You seem to forget that there are people in this who have put their lives on the line, time after time for you and everyone else reading this and they deserve more than this. Much more.

    I will spend my lunch hour looking for alternate employment for my man, he doesn't have the time to eat at midday, he is already covering 4 people's jobs. That's how well you look after him.

    Tell it as it is Mr Fox and Cameron, man the hell up or you will be out next election and like my husband, who too has served this country, looking for a better job".

  3. The pecksniffian words of Ed in distancing himself from the Iraq invasion has made many in the armed forces feel(rightly) insulted, marginalised and angry - whatever our thoughts as to the rights and wrongs of the invasion -according to many furious but measured phone-in voices on today's radio. Apparently Ed is doing an almost complete hatchet job on his bell-weather union 'friends', the big beasts in Labour of old/New - not to mention his elder brother. If this sneaky little self-serving creep treats his friends and family so badly what hope the rest of us from this so-called "new generation"?

    May I apologise now for the placeman Scots Ed will be installing to woo the Labour automaton voters in the Scottish Parliament elections next May. To warn you, the names being considered are Jim Murphy and Wee Dougie Alexander... and we thought Brown, Reid, Darling etc. were bad enough?

    I read Global Research and am frequently in tears over the devastation of Iraq that we appear to have washed our hands of - or "draw a line under" as suggested by pecksniff Ed. Bombings, murder, mutilation; the unimaginable suffering of children who are experiencing rates of leukaemia far beyond those of Hiroshima and women offically advised not to have children due to unprecedented numbers of deformities etc. from depleted uranium, nerve gases and white phosphorus - utterly heart-breaking. "Draw a line" Ed - were you in any of the marches against the invasion? Thought not.

    One of our SNP MSPs - Dr Bill Wilson - is trying to bring a legal action against the Iraq decision-makers but is being foiled at every turn - no doubt you won't have heard of him as our dear MSM is good at blocking moves.

    Sorry for ramble OR - I can't think what to do.

  4. Three eminent contributors with enormous common sense coupled with a degree of despair at our ruling elite. How to bring these NWO cretinous creatures down to earth and reality looks ever more impossible. We have to keep trying, though.

  5. Quite right OR "how can we be at war and make defence cuts", I would add if the politicians who set us at war want to make cuts it should firstly be done in their renks and pay!

  6. Perhaps the cuts hint at Mr Cameron's intent to bring the troops home straight away, after all, if they're not fighting they don't need as much money...and whilst I'm still dreaming I'd like a big red Ferrari!

  7. Indy, note the lack of MPs expenses stories. Atlas, if I could, the beast would be ticking over in your drive this minute!

  8. this is very good for you, ybg :)