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Monday, 13 September 2010

Are You Safe In Their Hands?

Flying, Hijacked By Charlatans.

Last February we flew BMI Baby, (first mistake) to visit Mrs OR's folks near Alicante. Due to all sorts of technical reasons, no hold baggage was loaded, despite the lie told by the Jumbo sized Captain that a "few" had been offloaded. This was also compounded by dumping several passengers, all down to a weight and balance calculation needing to be fiddled, sorry, adjusted.
My concern is this. Airlines advertise cheap flights but in reality the add-ons, disguised and hidden charges, lead to little difference from expensive fares of the past. Passengers look for any opportunity to mitigate the competition to their advantage. The chief amongst these efforts, which include cold sausage sarnies and brandy for breakfast, is oversize, overweight cabin baggage. Now some will tell you that it's carefully monitored and controlled. Well, in this modern era, competence is a mega casualty of our blighted and dumbed down Country. Some cabin crew are brilliant, many are overworked, tired, badly paid and burnt out. As are the check-in staff. If anyone in the industry truly believes that cabin lockers are properly loaded, safe and secure, they are deluded, stupid or both. There will be an accident in the future, when lockers will fail through fatigue induced load bearing excess. I hope you or we are not sat beneath them.


  1. Jings OR, that's something which occurred to me last time we flew. I'd put my jacket above my head then someone put a holdall on top of it. When we landed there was no way I could even move the holdall it was so heavy and then I wondered...

    That was a 'cheap' flight. Problem is we don't get too much choice from here. It's either 'cheap' or expensive.

  2. Shouldn't be dangerous because it's cheap, Subrosa!

  3. Once upon a time I wanted to fly from Bristol to Manchester. After all the add ons and extras, tax and hidden charges, it proved cheaper to go by train.
    I went by train and didn't have to arrive two hours before departure. I still had to pay six quid for a shitty ham sandwhich and a scalding hot cup of brown though!