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Monday, 30 August 2010

Whilst They All Bicker...

All Of Them Are At It!

The weekend saw a massive rally in Washington reverberate around the world. 
Here,,  is an example of such resonance. Following on from my own little highlighting yesterday, I consider the MSM and chatterati, this beautiful sunny morning and note the following. 
Peter Pederast comes out whining our Ed is just a red. Ed "hits" back and their pathetic posturing continues. For what purpose? To pretend the coronation of The Banana is not really such an event. Meanwhile the MSM "cock a deaf un" about Bradford or else peddle the "extreme" right wing labels and hysteria. In the background wages a media war of immense ire and importance, as Murdoch continues his stalking of The BBC. 
So what's the connection? For me it is a futile exercise to wrestle the meatier joys of Bilderberger membership of a NWO club. A club looking ever more vulnerable to siege and eventual closure. A new global awareness is emerging, helped by a still free, (though heavily monitored and corrupted by the various secret service puppets and sycophants), internet. Richard North bemoans why cannot a rally like that in Washington happen here. Simples. So far the British and European peoples have been bribed, cajoled, dosed with propaganda and money and kept quiet. As the inevitable hardships materialise, whilst the perpetrators of our failure carry on regardless, the anger will mount and the indifference begin to crumble away. There really is a need for a new politics. It sure as hell is not the namby pamby effeteism offered by this latest Government of self-interest, soft, left pink persuasion. Somewhere there just has to be a figure capable of igniting the spirit of this subjugated Nation, which once had so much going for it and a plethora of charismatic but wasted talent.
We may look with envy Westwards at America. Maybe this weekend was a beginning. I sure as hell hope so. For further reading you might like Not an Oldrightie but his hearts in the right place!


  1. Uh, uh, be canny and follow the money. See on who is bankrolling the movement. My DC sources say there is more than meets the eye here.

  2. BTW, where's the castle? Is it Raglan or Pontefract or another?

  3. shock-horror!!!!!

    a vested interest is behind the tea party!!!

    wow! how bleedin soft is everyone?
    america is a cess pit of criminal activity-always has been.....

    of course back in good old blighty our mps and lords ar just so benificent that they live their whole lives in servitude-grateful for the proles allowing them to work ceaselessly for others!

    wake up- behind the scenes there are rich and powerful lobbying for advantage- just as centuries before when we had the 'power behind the throne'all is not as it seems......

    do you think george bush wasnae a puppet?

    just because we have the internet and satellites doen't mean that human nature has changed.the rich still want to be rich and others want to dominate for a myriad of it what you will.communism or fascism.the aim is the same.........slavery.

  4. Demetrius, I believe this picture is of the Siege of Basing House.
    BoFL, vested interest is possible to be gained through populism. Why not? Better than the slavery attempted by the Bilderbergers' NWO.

  5. Thank you! Time Team did a good one on Basing House. It is an interesting site.